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The later user manuals only have limited references, mainly to flashguns and filters.The first Yashicaflex A series manuals (end 1954) displayed lens hoods (only A-I/A-II), flashguns and self-timers, but so far, all the evidence suggests that they were generic rather than Yashima/Yashica branded items.There is also a small number of Yashica Flex S examples with the spring-loaded locating pins and stop pin having a different alignment.More details are at Bay 1 Mounts on the Lenses & Shutters page.Then the TLR market began to crumble, costs became an issue and the focus turned to 35 mm.Re-branding of a single product for sale by many different companies was common practice in Japan in the 1950s and 60s.Accessories for the Yashica TLRs have to be placed into context.

However, as Yashica grew with its 35 mm business in the 1960s and 1970s and considering its fame for introducing electronics into these cameras, it seems highly probable that more accessories were produced in-house. Although there is little hard evidence, my impression of what turns up on auction sites, what I have found generally on the net and what Yashica has mentioned in its documentation is that there were have been lens hoods.

Also note that Yashica was focused on the mass market and volume.

There is no evidence of specialised accessories for the much more limited enthusiast market such as panorama heads and some of the other items offered by both Franke & Heidecke and Minolta.

By the time the Yashica D appeared on the market in 1958, some 23 other models had made appearances, not to mention a lot of trim and feature changes through a continuous improvement approach.

There hardly seemed time, or resources, to develop and market an accessory range.

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