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Melissa Gutierrez and Trevor Hinshaw were both raised in Christian homes, and when they met she literally gave him the shirt off her back. Gutierrez served as captain, so she stripped down and threw him her jersey to get the game underway. Gutierrez, 28, a dedicated soccer player and spitfire known for her big personality, spontaneity and smart, quick moves, both on and off the field. Hinshaw, 25, also a keen and dedicated player, put on the very tight jersey — she’s barely 5 feet, he’s 10 inches taller — without registering that Ms.

Hinshaw was filling in for another player on the team for which Ms.

At 30 years of marriage there were still over a dozen contenders, but the bride’s grandparents, Carl and Rebecca Walter, married for 64 years, won.

I like getting out on the hills for nice walks (flat ones preferably), meals out, all forms of travelling especially by rail or on the ferry, and h...

Gutierrez pledged to “show up to everything, whether it’s our daily conversations or our biggest hard decisions, in a way that counts.”Mr. Gutierrez’s “dogged defending” and determination both on the soccer field and elsewhere, and promised to “always try again” when he doesn’t get it right in their relationship. Their Own Drumbeat The large bridal party entered the outdoor wedding tent to “Follow Your Arrow” by Kasey Musgraves, with lyrics referring to the couple’s conundrum with religious conventions. The after-party was in a saloon named for the 1981 honorary mayor of Sunol: a black dog named Bosco.

Kyle Cummins, a friend and pastor for Young Life ministry, gave the couple communion before pronouncing them married. A stuffed likeness of the dog stands on the bar, ready to serve.

Someone who is willing to have a long term relationship, must enjoy the odd venture out to music venues, bars.

Gutierrez skipped the team’s postgame burrito hangout in favor of buying healthy groceries; despite her athleticism, her diet default was often tacos and ice cream. “But they weren’t teenagers,” said Linda Hinshaw, Mr. “They both had life experience and seemed to know what they wanted.”Daniel Gutierrez said his daughter has “always been all-in about everything.

But we quickly saw that Trevor was just as committed and serious.”On Dec.

Stints of online dating brought adventures — some wildly fun and some marginally traumatizing — but the connections left her lonely. For two weeks, they spent every free moment together, talking through politics (socially progressive), deep beliefs like creation or evolution (both are possible) and Jesus (both a savior and a guy who lived in a way that puts life into perspective). Gutierrez handle the time constraints of his medical training and what if his residency was elsewhere?

By last spring when she was running the field with Mr. Gutierrez said she “came to the conclusion: ‘I’m awesome, so why were these guys idiots? When the reception was over, some guests went to Bosco’s Bones & Brew, a bar in Sunol, Calif. (She relished alone time and if a move was in his plan, she’d move, too.)Inside of those two weeks Mr.

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Hinshaw that he wrote out the word, in lieu of voicing it to his mother. in creative writing in 2013 from the University of Arizona, she worked as a copywriter at Bukwild, a Sacramento advertising agency.

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