Dating running out of things to talk about

Are you struggling to find enough phone conversation topics to say?I'm used to be you, always worry about what to say and scare the conversations started to become boring and monotone.I consciously learned many techniques to make the conversations longer and more interesting.If your conversations with your girlfriend are becoming shorter and less interesting, you need to take action now.By relating topics to other topics, you can talk a lot and make the topics seem interesting.If you know how to expand the topics, your conversation ideas are kicking in numerously.In previous article how to listen I mentioned one of the things is to be curious about your woman.

For example, she talked about her brother's girlfriend before, so after talking about what I've done the day, I ask her what happened to her brother's girlfriend after the last talking. I do things nearly the same every day because they are my goals and I don't want to waste time on other things that are not helping me to achieve goals. Being humor and funny is one of the traits of bad guys and implies that you are an interesting person instead of a serious person.People always pay attention to the content - "What should I say? I recommend you to have the phone calling with your girlfriend at a regular time.A regular time can make you both feel excited when the time is around the corner. Because at night you already experienced your day and you have things to share about what you have done.Telling stories are a powerful weapon in having a good phone conversation. Sometimes, I found interesting topics that shared on my Facebook and I share them to my girlfriend in the private chatbox. In my opinion, text messaging is the last choice of communication tools because phone calling can know more about the person and respond immediately.By using the phone we can listen to the tone and emotions of the person, but text messenger can't.

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