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Through this my sister who has some health issues that makes her very vunerable has sold her home in order to make funds.I have written to this man via email asking releveant questions and he refuses to answer.I fell for this scam and I feel sick to the stomach for it.They transfer money,as soon as it has been paid to them they recall the payment and there’s nothing you can do about it!!! I now have to repay the bank £1000 because I was an idiot and believed something that sounded brilliant really was,when actually its a pile of rubbish. Hi there i have been back and forth with a lady Julie Hughs from Alliance and Leicester Bank out of the UK im not sure if its a scam, weve been emailing each other for over a month for a loan that i was approved for but i have to make a down payment of 700.00 western union im not sure what to do.They are quite willing to engage you in long, detailed exchanges of emails and/or phone calls until they scam money from you. It is easy to think that everyone must realise these emails are scam, but every day someone, somewhere falls for one. From time to time victims and potential victims leave their stories here as comments.As a warning to others, here are some of the comments that have been left on this blog or stories I have been sent by email.WILFRED ANDERSON, saying that I won 2500000GBP from Tagged annual draw.

Last night 08/03/09 she said she had to have 0.00 dollars sent to her lawyer Dear sir Thank you so much for your caring and i didn’t really beleive that i was going to have a reply from united nations as i know how you all very busy in very critical problems,and i want to tell you for my very bad luck i was trapped with Niegerian person who took from me six thousands dollars and he used to send to me documents from the bank that every step is legal inorder to conveince meto send more money for the transaction and i knew that everything is over when he asked me several times to send money and i told him that iam finished from that time when i called him back a friend of him told me that he is prisoned.

I emailed but so far have heard nothing” “I have been a victum of a moneygram scam fell hook line and sinker. Money grams from Anchorage Alaska ( Speedway Moneygrams drawn on Weels Fargo Bank.

I went to thr Unitied Nations Scam place and filed a report and now they tell me they want to pay me 1.5 million for this I may have been scammed once but not twice. Millions of people will get hurt I for one do not know what to do. Now I have put my marriage on the line.” “I have ecived a lot of phone calls from DR.

I received a phone call from my local Police force – who tried to explain to me what a blog is and tried to tell me that as anyone could post on a blog I had no idea where the email came from. He says that I must sent the money to him or I will get a custodial sentence in jail of 4 years. i could understand a bill after getting the money but not before so because of this i will now go and investigate the irish lotto to see how this has come about..

Try as I might I couldn’t get the person to understand that this is my blog, I had personally received the email in question and I had personally posted it to this blog. I insisted with him that he can take the money as I wont touch that money of my bank account then he keeps insisting that I am a thef! I seen tthis post and i acted upon it and he wont take the money out of my bank account! fter being sent an e-mail on how i am surposed to have won in a lotto the shock and the horror being told ye you have won but you got to pay us first £650.00 damn how dum do i look i never give money away,, thats like paying for my phone before i get the bill… plus cant get hold of anyone even after the so called win,, if this was a so called win never pay out before you get the money in the bank.

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