Dating scams domain names

(Actually, by now we’ve gotten a dozen of them since we own quite a few domain names!) It is dated today and gave us a deadline of tomorrow.

That’s three times less than i DNS was going to charge you.It’s VERY legalistic, using terms like “bad faith, “in accordance with the United States Legal Code,” etc.At the bottom, it says: When you read this carefully, it says that we can register the . After all, otherwise there might be confusion if someone else registers it… COM is the domain name extension everyone thinks of first — who’s going to type in In the spam email you will even see images of an attractive redhead. Her photos have been stolen from a porn site and then spammed to me to make me believe that she wants to have sex with me.All of this is a trick to get me to click on the link ( UPF8) in the email so I can “join and chat with her”. I really wanna meet so I take another chance for you.

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The letter comes from a New Jersey address and their official name is Internet Domain Name Services Inc.

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