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You can choose from our extensive list of matrimonial featuring eligible single NRIs.We assist 1000s of Indian and NRI singles find their perfect match every day.the buggy upsetting while driving from Misunderstandings are unpleasant. he "I'll tell you when te take It out,'1 fer-go- sis at his home at Memphis, Tcnn., and says te the bookkeeper. The Laws and Ordinance Committee, in whose hands the matter of codifying ordinances has been for some time, re ported a large bunch of ordinances, which were read and luid ever lihtil the next meeting of Council. with Lecal Applications, as they canuet reach the scat of the disease. Choneweth Ctltl Cure, a been te sufferers from grip; 25 cents. Wells was refunded a poll-tacharged against her eon, who has net resided In the city for several years. Following are the titles of theso read: Providing for the placing of safty gates at the various railroad crossings. Previdiug for the election of a City At- State Commissioner of Agriculture Internal Improvements. Ctitarrh Is a bleed or constitutional dleeuse, aud In order toeurolt you must take Internal remedies. Policemen Mc Dowell and Stewart are new protected from the storms they each have a new storm coat. In the throng were many who understood both English and the uative tongue perfectly. 'twill criftunh Fer Netice of Hnpyers, W excursiens.fairs, or ether public entertainments where a fee U charged, and t W'Vhv a Deie foreeasts are made ter a for obituary notice, resolutions of respect, Ac, The Ledeeh will cluirye period of M " e'nln five gents a i.tme, etui hereafter thu will be the invariable rule. When he finds It out thore is a "kick" and a controversy, follewod Miss Senora A. and see specimens of bcr work and matter for iu Mlcntien must be arrange for Instructions. Yeung Desha was tried, convicted, and during semo of the legal technicalities growing out of the case he was placed in for 1 quart Strawberries 35 the Cynthiana Jail for safe keeping. The delinquent tax list was continued in the hands of Chief Ort, with extra power for the collection of same. Frederick 8143 92 Total The Chief reported also 8314 99 delinquent taxes collected, his commission being ? 1 A Mission Aid Society has been organ Wharfraaster reported collecized at Aberdeen with A N. tions for January The report of the City Treasurer totals dent, Geerge Mutschelknaus Irene Campbell Secretary and Mat-ti- e as belew: Sapp Treasurer. The remains of Baker were deposited in the Shannen Cemetery, and the well-kep- t tomb bears the following inscripteon: - a native of Trt Jtten, In memeru of Fkancis Hakeii resident of Xatchez, was cruelly munlcrtd in th U vicinity, whilst tn his journey from the Seuth te ! Nearly all people of the group the English-speakinof islands were present te hear the great evangelist. Talmage tried himself, and the Americans who had heard him before said it was one of his greatest efforts. He arose and translated the sermon almost word for word in the Hawaiian tongue, and the Americans who heard him and who understood both languages declared that in every way it surpassed the scrmdn as delivered by the noted American Preach or. Desha docs net knew that he has relatives living in Kentucky, or that bis father ever lived in this & ! This, however, Slop for sale in any quantity at Lime Dee a Net Include stene Distillery, beginning Feb 8th. 25 3 dozen Oranges While there he tried te commit suicide 10 and 15 cents dez. aroused, and at last his father pardoned him just before the former's term as Gov This Sucker Tries the Trick On the State ereor expired. sign, as is generally supposed, but served till the end of bis term. The brand of Cain If it's net cured the Penitentiary will was upon his brew, and he lived a misera-bi Mr. r m 0 1 Old bends collected Interest en old bends Jail fees Fines worked out Fines working out Fines replevied m .... 8 502 44 Balance The Vice-Preside- nt, Receipts 8,174 47 $ 8.070 01 6,047 81 1 Special Expenditures Total Mr. 'eu Jertey, en the Sd 83V, in the 3tti year of his aee. dltien te brick store, Second street, Sixth A ene-stni- y ferthe election of a Beard of Council, consisting of two from each Ward, te meet the first Monday evening in each month, beginning with May, 1897. Further time was granted the Preposition and Grievance Committee in the matter of improving Market Street Esplanade.

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acknowledged way te de "Greater New Yerk" for which the It may be set down as a settle fact is by placing sn Inthat that Gen. EDOEK, charter has just been completed and will where overyone can lee will get the Mexican mission. Its area will be 30C square the consulship at Bradford, Eng. It will contain &l as many repetition$ at are neeettaryle teeure William A. The democrats will support the measure, monuments and statues. We with theadvertiitrt and they say there are enough silver teftel thatthey arenetimpnilng en utbyutina republicans in the legislature te secure 48 cemeteries, comprising 3,600 acres, ourreeeetumnf. and then waiting to eee what TUB Pan LIOCBDOEltn OMPAt T, Xenia, O., Feb.

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