Dating services for singles with liberal views

But, for me, it’s really been a labor of love.” Sometimes dating is too much work for singles to do on their own, and that’s when they call on a matchmaker like Lanie.

Since 2002, Lanie has run Mass Match as a one-woman operation in Massachusetts, providing straightforward dating services with a personal touch.

“I don’t have a staff or a cast of characters who come and go.

I’m the only one who meets and matches people.” Lanie invites new clients to a one-hour introductory meeting, in a convenient location, and has an informal conversation with them. “I want to hear about their experiences in the past.” She asks in-depth questions so she can put together an attractive and accurate dating profile for them. Lanie matches her clients based on their parameters and her intuition.

If you don’t have a computer or internet access, the matchmaker can also send the information via mail.

She asks new members to fill out a detailed application that touches on everything from their political views to their employment status.

She feels great sympathy for the financial plight of today’s singles. Lanie has not raised her prices in years and categorically refuses to price gouge the people who come to her for help. “Matchmaking is one of the few businesses in the world where you can’t guarantee anything to anyone,” she said.

The matchmaker emphasizes the importance of those four dating aspects, particularly compatibility and character.

It’s the deep personality traits that impact relationships in the long run, so Lanie preps singles to get it right from the outset.

She meets one on one with her clients and relies on her intuition to recommend date prospects.

Over the years, thousands of singles of all orientations, ages, and backgrounds have come to her for assistance and benefited from her time-tested dating advice.

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The Short Version: Lanie Delphin is a down-to-earth matchmaker with 15 years of experience helping clients find love.

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