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Some churches will put young people under pressure to marry without even much thought and consideration. Do not make the mistake of thinking your life depends on the person you want to date. Never be a beggar in a relationship otherwise you are walking into slavery. I expect you to be working and enjoying your own progress in life.Relatives will push you and tell you that you are now old and all your age mates are married. When you are desperate you end up settling for anything. The first law of a hyaena is, “do not be choosy, eat what is available”. At 19 years while others are at school developing themselves, you are already desperate for marriage. You do not go into it weak and expect to be strong.Those who criticized Mugabe or his government, including human rights defenders, civil society activists, political opponents, and outspoken street vendors, were harassed, threathened, or arbitrarily arrested by police and state security agents.The authorities disparaged lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.President Mugabe is believed to have secured immunity from prosecution for himself and his family last week, but officials say they do not know if the offer still stands.On the streets of the capital, ordinary Zimbabweans tell The Independent he and Grace Mugabe must 'face the music' In a judgement day on Tuesday, parliament will hear an impeachment motion that Mugabe became a 'source of instability' and showed 'disrespect for the law'.There is also a struggle in seeing the difference between love and lust. Bringing only a beautiful face to marriage is not enough, beloved.

This group, both in the church and outside the church needs to be helped and so here we are this month suggesting to you a few things that will impact your relationship and future.In December 2014, Mugabe fired reformist Vice President Joyce Mujuru, apparently because he considered her disloyal, and replaced her with two co-vice presidents, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko.Both are implicated in serious past human rights abuses.They are driven by feelings more than reality and logic and ignore the leading of the Holy Spirit.Many also do not want to take advice concerning relationships.

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A woman stands in front of a pile of her household property at Chingwizi transit camp, which the government forcibly shut down in August 2014.

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