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Services are sometimes held here for descendant groups and visiting military units.

Long Street Presbyterian Church is one of the first established in this area, along with Bluff and Barbeque churches, during the mid-1700s.

Local women worked at the arsenal rolling cartridges. Historically, meat and produce and other goods were sold beneath, while the second floor was utilized as the town hall.The arsenal achieved full manufactory capabilities under the Confederate States of America. The Market House built in 1832 on the site of the 1788 State House, which was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1831.It produced rifles, gun carriages, and ammunition for the Confederate forces. At the State House, North Carolina ratified the US Constitution, chartered UNC, and ceded her western lands to form the State of Tennessee.The land for this church was donated by Peter Monroe, who, along with his extended family is buried in the adjacent cemetery. The church was modified in the early 1900s by a vestibule and steeple addition, changing its appearance.This one-story wooden church served the rural Scottish community until it was purchased by the U. The community/church cemetery contains 214 graves, the oldest of which dates 1759.

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The first to reside in this home was Duncan Mc Leran.

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