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They generally form close relationships with only a few people who have similar tastes and interests.

- generally indulge foreigners as honoured guests to their countries and exempt them from most local social constraints.

- are comfortable displaying a full range of diverse emotions like joy and sadness in an expressive manner.

Their facial expressions often change frequently during conversations. - can quickly become infuriated and express strong emotions in loud and sometimes aggressive manners that appear provocative to non-westerners.

The event featured Outsourcing Leaders from Reuters, Johnson & Johnson, Convergys and others.

The most revealing information to come from the conference was the tremendous quality ratings being achieved by young Filipinos.

Richard's presentation discussed the future outlook for Philippines and the specific impact of the booming Business Process Outsourcing industry.

However, the differences are important to understand because not only are they very interesting but they can have tremendous impact on how business is done and social life enjoyed.

Some of the more noticeable of these from a social perspective are listed below.

Held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore, the 2-day annual event is of interest to regional business leaders.

Other The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, presented recently for the American Chamber of Commerce on the challenges of acquiring and developing senior managers in South-East Asia.

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