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Most teens don’t experience this very often, with the bulk of teens (42%) saying it happens occasionally and just 11% saying it happens frequently.Teens from households with more highly educated parents are more likely to say they haven’t been invited to events they later saw posted on social media.Social media is an important venue for interaction and conversation among America’s youth. Facebook is the dominant platform, with 71% of all teens using it.Instagram and Snapchat also have become increasingly important, with 52% of teens using Instagram and 41% using Snapchat.

While both groups are equally likely to say they feel more connected to friends through their social media use, 36% of smartphone owners say they feel “a lot” better connected to friends while a quarter (25%) of teens without smartphone access report the same degree of connectedness.Even as social media connects teens to friends’ feelings and experiences in ways both positive and excessive, that same sharing can reveal events and activities to which teens weren’t invited, and can lead to negative comparisons between their own lives and the lives of those they are connected to on social media.A bit more than half (53%) of social media-using teens have witnessed others posting to social media about gatherings, events or parties that they weren’t invited to.When asked to rank the ways they communicate with friends, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter are one of the top ways of communicating with friends for two-thirds (66%) of teens.As discussed earlier in the report, social media is a critical platform for making and staying in touch with friends.

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