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This went on for about 10 months, until he finally agreed to bury his son.I did some paranormal research and urban exploration up at Top O' The World in the Falls a few years back when I lived in Akron for college.

His story changed often, but the ones I remember best concerned the melon heads being people that were horribly deformed after years of inbreeding and another having been escaped mental patients who had horrible experiments done on them that left them with large soft heads and a hunger for human flesh... The chair was supposed to be for mourners to come and visit.

One can only make assumptions on what ghostly artifact was resting on my shoulder and what made that big bang noise.

Following that went back almost every other night for about a year.

That caught my attention enough to come back for a more formal investigation.

When I reviewed the barn door tape towards the end of the recording were some strange, unidentifiable metallic sounds followed by a clear, funny- sounding voice saying, "Get down".

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