Dating tips for college students

Hi, my name is Logan Darr and I am now a sophomore here at East Carolina University.

: Always make sure that someone close to you, like your college roommate, knows WHO you are going out with, WHAT you are doing, WHERE you are going, WHEN you will be home, and WHY you are going out with this person- is it an individual or group date or are you hanging out as “just friends”?

The opportunity to date and get to know new people is a big part of the college experience, and you will develop all kinds of friendships and relationships over the next four to five years as an undergrad student.

You will have the opportunity to meet diverse people with various backgrounds and from all over the globe. Countless late nights of study and early morning cramming sessions are finally finished.

Ever since I was little I’ve always had trouble concentrating and understanding things inside and outside of the classroom.

I was only five-years old when my parents found out that I had ADHD from me struggling in class.

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