Dating while in aa poems for a one year dating anniversary

They saw it as a positive that I was so independent, and weren’t freaked out by my pregnancy. He asked me about the dad, and wondered whether he should be involved in some way.Eventually, I met a cop online—I'll refer to him by his nickname, Miami. But we talked through things, and he wanted us to keep dating. Neither of us wanted to put pressure on things by saying he would be in my baby’s life or not, so we kept it casual.Another date was totally confused about how I could have sex while pregnant. I burst out laughing and told him he probably wasn’t big enough to worry about that.“Well, everything still works down there," I explained. A lot of the men I dated actually respected that I was working and supporting myself on my own.The intrusive questions and comments that I braced for never happened.

I didn’t even bother clueing the men in unless I thought I'd see them again and things might get intimate.

But there’s still plenty of covert transphobia lurking among people who aren’t straight: the kind that someone won’t say outright, but manifests in their beliefs and attitudes.

After all, mainstream gay culture is just as steeped in idealized, gendered representations of beauty as any other demographic– think of all the hunky cis gay men whose Tinder profiles unabashedly specify “no fats, no femmes.” That’s why so many trans people end up dating other trans people; it makes it much less likely that your partner will somehow use your identity against you.

This guy seemed sweet and a little nerdy: a math student “trying to learn how to adult,” whose interests included transhumanism, gender, and “writing angry essays on the internet.” In short, he sounded like my kind of person.

When I came out as trans at 14, part of me believed I was resigning myself to being alone.

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