I'm sorry, but this is the time of the year I get my annual Frankfurter Schule identity crisis.

Little by little the original (and rather cute) Ariane #1 graphics are being replaced by their modern equivalent, starring the new Ariane who can be seen in SITA.

Despite the record company's press release that it is still the same track, but cleaned up and enhanced in the way the musicians originally wanted it to sound, but were unable to do in the sixties, it actually is a frankenstein-like amalgam, like a field of corn that is slowly contaminated by its genetically modified equivalent.

Matilda Mother, from Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, comes to mind that was released in a 2010 alternative mix, rumoured to be a patchwork of different takes and third millennium digital wizardry.

This no longer will be necessary, although beer and wine can still be consumed in the game.

Ariane's motives to get romantically involved with the player are now unlocked by a combination of four different personality traits: nice, smart, funny, and sexy.

Careful with that axe, Abe Plutarch already raised the question around the year 75 in his Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans.

This seems to be a good thing as (cheap) monitors get bigger and bigger and download speeds get faster and faster (even on mobile devices), but that is not all...

I have been saying this over and over in #metoo discussions with men. Women are raised from the cradle to be hyperconscious of what we say & wear, how we walk, talk & smile, how we give in or resist or flirt or ignore, who we talk to, where we are...

It would nice for the emotional burden to not be so one sided.

Does this mean Shrek has the ability to exhale pure helium?

And right now it’s saying y’all are some trash ass people Can it be exhausting? Would you rather not take the time and energy to do it? You are being asked to have an iota of impulse control, to analyze social interactions to a fraction of a degree that women have been doing for centuries. I AM NOT SORRY THAT MEN NEED TO BE AWARE OF THEIR BEHAVIOR NOW In Shrek, Shrek grabs a frog, blows it up like a balloon and IT FLOATS.

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