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They progressively unfold in praise of creation itself, the creation of human beings, the joy of the couple, the establishment of a household, and an ode to joy that links this individual celebration with the time when joy and gladness will be heard in every city and on every hill.

Because Hebrew is a gender-based language, with most words (including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs) indicating gender and number, the traditional phrase above must be modified it is to be said to a man: Some couples choose to add a meaningful biblical verse to these vows.

Gifts and money are given both to the bride and the parents of the bride.

Notice that Rebekah was asked if she consented to the marriage.

The processional may include the groom's parents escorting him to the chuppah followed by the bride's parents doing the same with their daughter.

Alternately, the two fathers may escort the groom, while the two mothers escort the bride.

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At the conclusion of the ceremony-in what is probably the best known of all the rituals associated with Jewish weddings-it is customary for the groom to break a glass (sometimes a light bulb, which makes more noise! More recently, both members of the couple, including same-sex couples, have chosen to break a glass.

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