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When it comes to flings, we aren’t sure why anyone would ever want to use Dating In This is just a really horrible example of a fling site, let alone a dating site. We’ve seen a lot of sites out there that are all about discreet dating for those looking for casual sexual relationships, but this site honestly just makes us want to cringe.This is just not a good site if you’re looking for anything legitimate, honestly.Mostly, what you’re going to find on this site is a bunch of desperate men and escorts.When they do that, they claim to have so many people around in your area that are ready for a fling.

The front page was bad enough with their claims about all of the ‘naughty fun’ that… That’s ultimately because this site is running off of a really obvious template, and a really obvious bait and switch. This site relies heavily on the bait and switch technique in order to get anyone to join, and this all comes down to the fact that they read your location through cookies.They put up the same profiles no matter where you are, by the way.We tested this on several different occasions, and no matter what we did, they were all the same. These are the kinds of tactics that really turn us off of a fling site faster than anything, and it should be doing the same for you. Whenever you’re using this site, you need to realize that it’s just never going to end up adding up to the numbers that it’s claiming. Keeping this in mind, you need to really just stay…This is a really boring site, and there’s a reason for that: there’s nothing going on, and there aren’t any features.A fling site really does need to take the time to be interesting, and this site just isn’t at all.

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It’s just not worth it, and it honestly makes us uncomfortable to think about.

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