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The actual configuration file used to connect Word Press to your My SQL database.This is not included in the default install, but must exist for successful operation of Word Press.You may need to edit this file to modify certain configuration settings.When you have a Word Press website, you have to upload files every now and then to keep your site active and pretty.Due to security reasons, it might be hidden, so don’t forget to check “, hence, don’t get confused between the two..htaccess is an important file and contains various configurations for your server. To modify it, you need to check “ If you don’t find the .htaccess file, you can create one and paste the default Word Press .htaccess file attributes and then paste the three lines above to increase the upload limit.If you need to manipulate a lot of files at once, it’s often easier done by accessing your site via FTP. Examples of when accessing your file manager might come in handy: To be sure, you can do a lot right from your Word Press Dashboard, but knowing how to work with your files from the server side is a must-have skill in my opinion. Instructions for how to do this would have been sent in your welcome email when you signed up.If you can’t find it, contact your host directly and simply ask how to login to your c Panel. Depending on your host, this screen may look different.

Here is how you can do it directly from the platform if you have Cloudways as your hosting provider: Go to under basic settings tab. You just need to find the right plugin that is compatible with your current Word Press version.Note: The file descriptions on this page are for Word Press Version 2.x Each file appearing in this list has been sorted into its directory of origin.A description of the purpose of the file and its possible dependencies appear after each.You’ve got a database too, but we’re talking about the files here.Your file manager is the place where all those files are kept.

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