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I think we were like, “This is fun but we need to do something.” So Dean [Roland] went and started Magnets & Ghosts and I did the Sweet Tea Project. I was going for all I had vocally and guitars were just loud. We recorded more songs than [what’s] on the record.

Not that Will and Dean and I didn’t, but it was nice to have that little pump of encouragement and the recording went real easy. sometimes recording you get kind of lost and you get used to your old ways. And that’s what we set out to do when we started recording.

A: I’m in such a good place right now in my life and I wanted this to be a fun record. I’m in the car and it just hits me: “This.” Q: The song “Hurricane” is perhaps the polar opposite of “This.” Where did that come from? You’re bitter, you’re angry.’ I was finding wrong with everything. Q: “Memoirs of 2005” is one of the quieter moments on the album. ” The hard part now is trying to figure out what to put in the set with nine albums and 21 years worth of material. I’m now 52 years old and I don’t necessarily want to do that! Q: Collective Soul formed in the digital CD era back in the 1990s. I lost my copy over the years so I went on Amazon the other day looking for one. Another thing I love about vinyl is that you have to sit down and actually listen to it.

I would walk into a room and destroy a conversation, destroy the mood. As a vinyl connoiseur, what’s it mean to have the new album issued on LP in addition to CD, streaming and digital download formats? We had one that Atlantic Records did for us [1997’s] “Disciplined Breakdown” back in the day. Now, we all tend to listen to music on our phones when we’re busy doing 10 other things.

I spent two days just like, “My god, this is killing me! And we wanted to come out with some, you know, guitar riffs and that seemed to fit pretty well. I mean, we did over 70 shows last year and made the record and then I had another 30 with my other band, so I did 100 shows last year. We haven’t been sitting around for six years and [just] enjoying life.

”And then finally the engineer just handed me his i Phone and said, “Go in the other room and just talk the lyrics.” And that’s how we did it. So last Christmas we let everybody stream it for a day on Christmas day. You know, when you get done with it and you take time away from it because you get so caught up making it, you don’t really listen to it and you’re over-analyzing. But on the overall whole, I think it’s one of the best, consistent records we’ve made in our career.

2 – Garden City, Idaho, Revolution Concert House & Event Center Nov.

It’s classic radio-ready Collective Soul but lyrically, here’s a guy who is struggling to leave home, right? But it demonstrates the love we have for each other and the playfulness that exists between us. I went through this two-year period where every time I walked into a room, I heard, ‘Dude, you’re becoming an absolute ass. So I asked my friend, “Would you mind if I borrowed your life for this song? He was kind enough to sign off on it and we love playing it live. A: In 2004, Michaeline and I had just started dating. Going back and listening to songs we hadn’t heard in years made us realize, “Damn, we wrote and recorded some really good songs! With CDs, artists got into the habit of throwing a lot of songs on an album because they would all fit onto a single disc. I remember thinking, ‘Brothers, you’re only getting paid for 10 or 11 songs. ’ Plus, nobody has time to listen to all that these days. We just want to make music that we like and music that people have always liked about Collective Soul. I was like, “Let’s kind of go back to that.” And everybody was in agreeance with that. We took a lot of the mid-tempo songs off the record because we felt like we just wanted more of a rock record for a change. And when I would present the songs, some songs they’d go “yea,” some they’d go “nay.” And we all kind of agreed on the ones that … Yeah, actually when I wrote it, I had the chord progression and I had the chorus and I didn’t know what I was going to do in the verse. And we actually manipulated what I spoke into the i Phone back into the verses. Only thing was, “Just tell us what [songs] you like … Then you get back and you step away from it, I gotta be honest with you, I’m extremely proud of the whole project. I mean, there are certain songs that are fun to play live.

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