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Last month, I had the opportunity to go on set with Jill Bennett & Cathy De Buono and managed to steal them away for a little chat.

I practically minored in the Lesbian Internet so I naturally had a lot of questions for these two.

So, for better or worse, this is how we came out in our community and we’re gonna stay that way.

At this point, even if we didn’t want to, it’s too late!

It’s not quite the same as a teenage girl getting attacked, but the Yes, I was really upset! I would say as passionate as Cathy got last week [on the topic of] coming out at Thanksgiving, was how I felt about this phenomenon that’s going on in our community.

You know, we went to see the movie Precious and I watched how her mother attacked her, it was the same in The Color Purple where in a marginalized community instead of helping each other up, rips each other down.

We’re not born into our culture the way other minorities are like Jews or African Americans.

And, being able to make mistakes and grow and let people see it.So, whether you agree with us or not, it’s the visibility that matters.And, what we found people responded to in the [pre-taped] video blogs was the Real Jill and the Real Cathy, our real opinions and our real stories, not a canned, carefully created, crafted persona that a PR person tells you to put forward.And instead of having this attitude of we want to help each other and support one another, we’re ripping each other to shreds and making each other feel less-than. The show featured some amazing guests, including Jane Lynch and introduced Liz Feldman and Bridget Mc Manus to the AE crowd.Feldman and Mc Manus would later get their own spin-off vlogs and eventually jump to TV (on LOGO and in late 2007.

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