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At the close of the Civil War, Asheville had stood sixty miles distant from railheads in Morgan-ton, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, and Greeneville, Tennessee. Reynolds (1887), Buncombe County Deeds, Book 68 , pp . The numbers of both the vaca-tioners and the migrant ailing were swelled appreciably by completion f h B b T . It was the advent of rail travel in the 1880s, however, which enabled Asheville to become a major resort and health center . By 1890 he had risen to the vice-presidency of the National Bank of Asheville, and from 1892 to 1896 served as president of that bank. Of Herring little can be learned except that in 1887 he was carrying on a trade in shoes and boots in the Herring and Weaver Shoe Store at 30 South Main Street . It is reasonable to suppose , then, that the house was built for the newly married couple by Erwin Sluder and sold to them the following January shortly before his death. 28 Having been made a partner in his father-in-law's banking concern in 1884, he continued to prosper in that profession after Sluder ' s death the following year .

An 1893 information booklet for the promotion of tourism contained a glowing advertisement for Mrs. 36 Three years later, though still referred to as the Reynolds, the house was accepting board-ers under the proprietorship of Mrs. Drake, whose advertise- 8 • ment was inserted in the City Directory of 1896. During the years of his apprenticeship, Wolfe lived in a Baltimore boarding house, the Streeter Hotel, from whose irascible proprietor, Joe Streeter, he may have acquired some of his relishment for the hyperbolic, the dramatic, and the profane. Sometime thereafter, probably in the summer of 1884, a more serious acquaintance was set on foot when the redoubtable stone cutter was accosted in his shop by Miss Westall, a school teacher and part- time bookseller, in search of a new customer. Westall had been born at Swannanoa in 1860, the product of Major Thomas Casey Westall's second marriage . By 1883 he was a prominent Asheville citizen in the fifty-ninth year of his age with a well established household; his daughter, Cordie, according to the Census of 1880, would have been nineteen the year the house was built; and it was the Barnards , not the Sluder s, who were listed as residents of Spruce Street in 1883. Barnard (1858-1944) 27 was a leading buyer and warehouseman during Asheville's thriving tobacco marketing period in the 1880s. Van Gilder (1881), Buncombe County Deeds, Book 41, pp. 26 Very probably Sluder never resided in the house he had built. The City Directory of 1887 indicates that, after the death of Erwin Sluder, several members of his family moved into the Spruce 33 Street house with the Barnards. 41 He subsequently went on to distinguish 42 himself in the practice of medicine on both the local and state levels. Re was, however, flawed by a propensity for strong drink and by a dubious mental constitution, at least in his declining years . Wolfe later recalled that he was A man from Kentucky . From March 14, 1885 until July 13, 1889 the house remained in the Barnards' hands. 40 Myers and his long-suffering wife, Mary, for ,000. Reynolds was carrying on his medical practice in the Barnard Building in Asheville. Myers, from whom Julia Wolfe was to purchase the Old Kentucky Home, seems to have been a colorful and restless man with more than three decades in the service of God to his credit .

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Barnard (1885), Buncombe County Deeds, Book 48, pp . Wo l fe, who followed them, opened its doors to the rapidly increasing numbers flocking to Asheville in search of health and recreation .

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