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Or the time, IN THE SAME 2010 PLAYBOY INTERVIEW, John called his dick "a white supremacist."John's statements are, like, way worse than Demi's, but that's just where we are as a society in terms of how much it takes to vilify a prominent man versus a prominent woman.Humans are all just wet trash at varying stages of decay. In the event there's any truth to rumors Demi and John are, indeed, whispering sweet nothings about how uncomfortable each of them feel around Taylor Swift and black people, respectively, this is going to be less of a whirlwind romance and more of a tornado that levels Hollywood.

And I related more to the homeless people in that meeting who struggled with the same struggles that I deal with than the people at the Met Gala—fake and sucking the fashion industry's d*ck. Joseph Garbely, vice president of medical services and medical director at Caron Treatment Centers, because "addiction is [often] a disease of isolation," support is crucial for recovery."Support groups, such as 12-step programs, can provide a safe environment for people to continually work on their recovery," Dr. When 12-step programs are part of a comprehensive treatment strategy, he explains, they can be highly effective in helping someone maintain long-term sobriety.

"My dad was an addict and an alcoholic," Lovato says of her biological father.

"I guess I always searched for what he found in drugs and alcohol because it fulfilled him and he chose that over a family."2.

Actually, Demi doesn't only have her eye on anyone in particular right now.

"She's talking to a few different people right now and enjoying being single."You can't blame Demi for keeping her options open after getting out of such a long-term relationship, but Odell seems like a super sweet guy, not to mention he's super HOTT, so maybe we'll see them get serious some day down the line.

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