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Her black hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail and black eyeglasses serve as her trademark much like Tina Fey.Yi has done the reporter on the street gag before in comic shorts but she and Jasenovec take the gag to new heights with “Paper Heart.” It’s “Clerks” in terms of youthful enthusiasm and bare bones production.Yi plays the reporter on the street with hilarious earnestness and despite her small stature she always stands out.Adding to the film’s oddball nature, handmade puppets act out stories from the various people they interview.

Like Moore, Yi assumes a role more important than any of her subjects.

Their debut album' Farewell album' was released in 2006.

She was also featured in the video of the song ' Song Away' by Hockey.

She has appeared in the music video of the song ' Rabbit Habits' by the band named ' Man Man'.

She formed the band ' The Glass Beef' with Paul Rust.

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