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That's more like a "roasted over an open fire" scenario. The fire is big enough that she'll be feeling plenty of heat and smoke from even a few feet higher, and she'll kick and struggle even longer that way, which will prolong her suffering. I thought that was a rotator motor that made it turn.

I would have thought you, of all people, would know the difference. You did such a great job why ruin the fun by a retracting post? BP wrote: I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up. If she can hang on, she'll get to live for an indefinite period of time.

But if she moves her feet, she'll not only hurt herself, but strangle and die because of the rope around her neck. Watching her futilely struggle until she eventually strangles is a sadistic thrill.

It's a very precarious position, one that will eventually kill her because she has no other way out. It's like taking away any slim hope she may have and telling her, "I control whether you live or die, bitch!

I'm always looking for an excuse, after all :) This is cropped off the cover of a kids comic book, circa 1948. At a bus stop the other day I saw a dude who looked just like Firebrand.

In the case of Arcas' scenario, the girl is perched uncomfortably on her tiptoes, which has got to hurt after a while. After teasing the victim with hopes that she might stay alive, they'll employ something like the retracting motor which will slowly pull away the posts that are supporting her.I even recognize the dick holder in today's pic as James Deen. Now I'm recognizing the ; time to start getting out more). Deen (probably not his real name), where did he pop up recently but in the Mainstream Redbox offering: Love Lace where he played our heroine's well endowed wife beater.Loving all of the artwork, including eyes in vaginas and perverted crabs. For you who are not members of deviant ART I can reveal that IMHO, who have not contributed at all, Willies work is just fine.I'm thinking it's like what we would see out of Dali's twisted twin. So good, actually, that I asked for a continued serial :)Here is Minos' bats that not a bats. Witch burnings (bats) were done by many different methods in which one was hanging a witch over a bonfire to cook instead of a stake was used often which Minos method shows.Willie: Who can resist a challenge like yours "I did upload a few rather tame efforts, depicting my own personal fantasy, on my deviant ART page (williej999), which nobody has yet viewed nor commented upon". In the SD forum this hanging method is still referred to as a bats. id=12183&mode=view This is just how I see what is a Bats. Bill K: You can call it whatever you want, but it doesn't mean you're correct.

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