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She currently seeks a ,000 surgery that would sever her sciatic and femoral nerves and would render her legs completely useless. A husband and wife who kept a disabled woman as a sex slave in a squalid den where she was repeatedly raped for eight years have both been jailed today.The scientist had an aunt when she was younger who wore a leg brace.She was extremely close to that aunt and, maybe, began to idealize her condition.Others believe that early childhood is to blame for the condition.Maybe a child saw an amputee getting a lot of attention and thought that being disabled would get them more love from the people around them. Mark Malan, says the latter may be true in her case.

People with BIID feel that their physical characteristics do not match the idea of how they are supposed to look.

Baker, 61, a one-time care worker, is understood Baker met his victim in Britain and either invited or persuaded her to come to Northern Ireland.

When her husband reported her missing in 2004, it seemed she had vanished without trace. He 'paid' his victim Quality Street sweets for having depraved sex with him and others.

While no one knows the exact cause of BIID, some speculate that the disorder has its roots in sexuality.

Perhaps the idea of being an amputee sexually arouses individuals with the disorder.

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It’s just normal for me, but anytime I’m walking it’s always in my mind, sometimes dominating my mind, that this is not the way it’s supposed to be,” After her diagnosis of BIID in 2008, her doctor recommended that she use a wheelchair to address her psychological needs.

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