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Evin of Rosglass Abban the Hermit, Saint - An Irishman who lived at Abingdon, England, before St.

Patrick's lifetime Abbé - A French word meaning primarily and strictly an abbot or superior of a monastery of men Abbeloos, Jean Baptiste - Orientalist (1836-1906) Abbess - The female superior in spirituals and temporals of a community of twelve or more nuns Abbey - A monastery canonically erected and autonomous, with a community of not fewer than twelve religious; monks under the government of an abbot; nuns under that of an abbess Abbo Cernuus - French Benedictine monk of St-Germain-des-Pres in Paris, sometimes called Abbo Parisiensis Abbon, Saint - Biographical article on this Benedictine monk, who died in 1004 Abbot - A title given to the superior of a community of twelve or more monks Abbot, Commendatory - An ecclesiastic, or sometimes a layman, who holds an abbey in commendam Abbot, Henry - A layman and convert to Catholicism, martyred at York in 1597.

Paul's epistles Achaz - King of Judah Achéry, Lucas d' - French Benedictine (1609-1685) Achiacharus - Nephew of Tobias Achilleus and Nereus, Domitilla and Pancratius, Saints - Roman martyrs who shared a feast day on 12 May Achimaas - Son of Sadoc, the priest Achimelech - Four people with this name are detailed Achitopel - Counsellor of David, who joined the rebellion of Absalom Achonry - Diocese in Ireland, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Tuam Achor Valley - The scene of the death of the 'troubler' Achan Achrida - A titular see in Upper Albania Achterfeldt, Johann Heinrich - Theologian (1788-1877) Achtermann, Theodore William - German sculptor (1799-1889) Acidalius, Valens - Philologist, Latin poet, and convert to the Catholic Church (1567-1595) Aci-Reale, The Diocese of - Located in Sicily; includes fourteen communes in the civil province of Catania, immediately subject to Rome Ackermann, Leopold - Catholic professor of exegesis (1771-1831) Acmonia - A titular see of Phrygia Pacatiana, in Asia Minor, now known as Ahat-Keui Acoemetae - Either, an appellation common to all Eastern ascetics known by the rigour of their vigils; or, a special order of Greek or Basilian monks devoting themselves to prayer and praise without intermission Acolouthia - In ecclesiastical terminology signifies the order or arrangement of the divine office and also, in a wide sense, the office itself Acquaviva - Name of several Italian cardinals Acquaviva, Claudius - Fifth General of the Society of Jesus (1543-1615) Acolyte - A cleric promoted to the fourth and highest minor order in the Latin Church, ranking next to a subdeacon Acosta, Joaquín - Served in the Colombian army and in 1834 attempted a scientific survey of the country between Socorro and the Magdalena River Acosta, José de - Founded a number of colleges, among them those of Arequipa, Potose, Chuquisaca, Panama, and La Paz Acquapendente - A diocese in Italy under the immediate jurisdiction of the Holy See, comprising seven towns of the Province of Rome Acquaviva - Name of several Italian cardinals Acqui - A diocese suffragan of Turin, Italy Acre - Syrian seaport on the Mediterranean Acre - Also called Saint-Jean d'Acre Acrostic - A poem the initial or final letters of whose verses form certain words or sentences Act of Settlement (Irish) - 1662 act passed by the Irish Parliament to bring in Protestant settlers in Munster, Leinster, and Ulster Acta Pilati - The Gospel of Nicodemus Acta Sanctæ Sedis - A publication containing the principal public documents issued by the Pope, directly or through the Roman Congregations Acta Sanctorum Hiberniæ - Abbreviated title of a celebrated work on the Irish saints by the Franciscan, John Colgan Acta Triadis Thaumaturgæ - The lives of St. Thomas and the scholastics in general regard only the free and deliberate acts of the will as human Acts, Indifferent - An act that is neither good nor bad Acts of the Apostles - The fifth book of the New Testament Acts of the Martyrs - Records of the trials of early Christian martyrs made by the notaries of the court Acts of Roman Congregations - A term used to designate the documents issued by the Roman Congregations Actual Grace - A grace that is given for the performance of salutary acts and is present and disappears with the action itself Actus et Potentia - A technical expression in scholastic phraseology used to translate Aristotle's energeia or entelecheia, and dynamis Actus primus - A technical expression used in scholastic philosophy Actus Purus - A term employed in scholastic philosophy to express the absolute perfection of God Acuas - One of the first to spread Manicheism in the Christian Orient Ad Apostolicae Dignitatis Apicem - Apostolic letter issued against Emperor Frederick II by Pope Innocent IV Ad Limina Apostolorum - A pilgrimage to the sepulchres of St. Paul at Rome Ad Sanctam Beati Petri Sedem - Summarizes this intervention in the Jansenist controversy by Pope Alexander VII Ad Universalis Ecclesiae - A papal constitution dealing with admission to religious orders Ad Limina Visit - The obligation incumbent on certain members of the hierarchy of visiting, the 'thresholds of the Apostles', Sts.

Peter and Paul, and of presenting themselves before the pope to give an account of the state of their dioceses Adalard, Saint - Grandson of Charles Martel.

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Aachen - In French, Aix-la-Chapelle, the name by which the city is generally known; in Latin Aquae Grani, later Aquisgranum Aarhus, Ancient See of - Located in Denmark Aaron - Brother of Moses, and High Priest of the Old Law Abachum, Audifax, Martha, and Maris, Saints - Family martyred at Rome in 270. Maris and Martha were husband and wife Abaddon - A Hebrew word signifying: ruin, destruction (Job ); place of destruction; the Abyss, realm of the dead (Job 26:6; Proverbs ) Abandonment - A term used by writers of ascetical and mystical books to signify the first stage of the union of the soul with God by conforming to His Will Abarca, Pedro - Theologian (1619-1693) Abarim - A mountain range across Jordan Abba - Aramaic word for father Abbadie, Antoine d' - Astronomer, geodetist, genographer, physician, numismatist, philologian (1810-1897) Abban of Magheranoidhe, Saint - Irish monastic founder, d. Abban of Magheranoidhe, and often confused with St.

Luke's Gospel (xvi, 22, 23) Abraham a Sancta Clara - A Discalced Augustinian friar, preacher, and author of popular books of devotion (1644-1709) Abraham Ecchelensis - A learned Maronite, born in Hekel, or Ecchel (hence his surname), a village on Mount Lebanon, in 1600; died 1664 in Rome Abrahamites - Syrian heretics of the ninth century Abram, Nicholas - Jesuit theologian (1589-1655) Abrasax - A class of ancient stone articles, of small dimensions, inscribed with outlandish figures and formulas Absalom - Article covers Absalom, son of David; Absalom, father of Mathathias; and Absalom, father of Jonathan Absalon of Lund - A Danish prelate, also known as Axel (1128-1201) Absinthe - Wormwood, known for its repulsive bitterness Absolute, The - Philosophical term referring to God Absolution - The remission of sin, or of the punishment due to sin, granted by the Church Abstemii - One who cannot take wine without risk of vomiting Abstinence - Includes information about old and new testament fasting as well as church laws Abstinence, Physical Effects of - Article deals with effects due to partial or periodic abstinence, such as practiced by the Catholic Church Abstraction - A process (or a faculty) by which the mind selects for consideration some one of the attributes of a thing to the exclusion of the rest Abthain - An English or Lowland Scotch form of the middle-Latin word abthania (Gaelic, abdhaine), meaning abbacy Abucara, Theodore - A bishop of Caria in Syria; d., probably, in 770 Abundius - An Italian bishop, b. 469 Abydus - A titular see of Troas in Asia Minor, suffragan of Cyzicus in the Hellespontic province Abyss - Primarily and classically an adjective, very deep Abyssinia - Provides details on the geography, ethnology, political revolutions, as well as church information Acacia - The Biblical Acacia belongs to the genus Mimosa Acacians, The - Fourth-century Arian sect Acacius - Bishop of Beroea (322-432) Acacius - Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine, disciple and biographer of Eusebius, the historian, whose successor in the See of Caesarea he became in 340 Acacius - Patriarch of Constantinople (d.

489) Acacius, Saint - Bishop of Melitene in the third century Academies, Roman - Historical and bibliographical notes concerning the more important of these associations of learned men Academy, The French - Founded by Cardinal de Richelieu in 1635 Acadia - Usually regarded as the small district on the south shore of the Bay of Fundy from Annapolis to the Basin of Minas Acanthus - A titular see of Macedonia, on the Strymonic Gulf, now known as Erisso Acanthus - An ornamental plant indigenous to middle Europe Acathistus - The title of a certain hymn or, an Office in the Greek Liturgy in honour of the Mother of God Acca, Saint - Bishop of Hexham, companion of St. Acca died in about 742 Accaron - The most northern of the five principal Philistine cities Accentus Ecclesiasticus - Parts of the liturgy the priest, or the deacon, or subdeacon, or the acolyte sang alone Acceptance - In canon law, the act by which one receives a thing with approbation or satisfaction Acceptants - Those Jansenists who accepted the Bull Unigenitus, issued in 1713 against the Jansenist doctrines Accession - Method of acquiring ownership of a thing arising from the fact that it is in some way added to, or is the fruit of something already belonging to oneself Accessus - A term applied to the voting in conclave for the election of a pope, by which a cardinal changes his vote and accedes to some other candidate Acciajuoli - Three cardinals belonging to an illustrious Florentine family, Angelo, Niccolo, and Filippo Accident - The obvious division of things into the stable and the unstable Acclamation - Used in the classical Latin of Republican Rome as a general term for any manifestation of popular feeling expressed by a shout Acclamation (in Papal Elections) - One of the forms of papal election.

875 Adonai - Hebrew meaning 'lord, ruler', a name bestowed upon God in the Old Testament Adonias - Fourth son of King David, and Adonias the Levite are discussed Adoption - Adoption, as defined in canon law, is foreign to the Bible Adoption, Canonical - The Church made its own the Roman law of adoption, with its legal consequences Adoption, Supernatural - The adoption of man by God in virtue of which we become His sons and heirs Adoptionism - The theory that the man Jesus at some point in time became the Son of God only by adoption. 1260 Adria - An Italian bishopric, suffragan to Venice Adrian I, Pope - Reigned 772-95 Adrian II, Pope - Reigned 867-872 Adrian III, Pope Saint - Short article on this pope, a Roman, who died in 885 Adrian IV, Pope - Reigned 1154-1159 Adrian V, Pope - A Genoese, and nephew of Innocent IV.

Explains the circumstances which led to his martyrdom Abbot, Lay - A name used to designate a layman on whom a king or someone in authority bestowed an abbey as a reward for services rendered Abbreviation, Methods of - Discusses forms used to get the most use from scarce and costly materials Abbreviations, Ecclesiastical - Latin abbreviations commonly seen in documents of the Catholic Church, the full Latin words or phrases, and their English meaning Abbreviators - Those who make an abridgment or abstract of a long writing or discourse Abdera - A titular see in the province of Rhodope on the southern coast of Thrace, now called Bouloustra Abdias - A minor prophet Abdias of Babylon - Apocryphal writer Abdication - Ecclesiastically considered, is the resignation of a benefice or clerical dignity Abdon and Sennen, Saints - Persian martyrs in the Decian persecution.

Died in about 250 Abduction - May be considered as a public crime and a matrimonial diriment impediment Abecedaria - Complete or partial lists of letters of the alphabet, chiefly Greek and Latin, inscribed on ancient monuments, Pagan and Christian Abecedarians - A sect of Anabaptists who disdained human knowledge, contending that God would enlighten His elect interiorly and give them knowledge of necessary truths by visions and ecstasies Abel - Commentary on the first murder victim Abel - Biblical place-name Abel, Blessed Thomas - Biography of the priest and martyr, chaplain to Catherine of Aragon Abelard, Peter - Dialectician, philosopher, and theologian (1079-1142) Abelly, Louis - Associate of St.

304) for refusing to participate in pagan rites Africa - This name, which is of Phoenician origin, was at first given by the Romans to the territory about the city of Carthage African Church, Early - The name given to the Christian communities inhabiting the region known politically as Roman Africa African Liturgy - In use not only in the old Roman province of Africa of which Carthage was the capital, but also in Numidia and Mauretania African Synods - Commonly called African or Carthaginian Synods Agabus - Mentioned in Acts , and , as a prophet of the New Testament Agape - Under certain circumstances the agape and the Eucharist appear to form parts of a single liturgical function Agapetæ - Virgins who consecrated themselves to God with a vow of chastity and associated with laymen Agapetus - Fifth-century deacon of the church of Sancta Sophia at Constantinople, reputed tutor of Justinian Agapetus I, Pope Saint - Anti-Arian, instrumental in deposing a Monophysite bishop who had moreover abandoned his see, d.

536 Agapetus II, Pope - Reigned 946-955 Agar, William Seth - English Canon (1815-1872) Agatha, Saint - Virgin and martyr, died at Catania in Sicily, probably in the Decian persecution (250-253) Agathangelus - A supposed secretary of Tiridates II, King of Armenia, under whose name there has come down a life of the first apostle of Armenia, Gregory the Illuminator, who died about 332 Agathias - A Byzantine historian and man of letters, born at Myrina in Asia Minor about 536 Agatho, Pope Saint - Short article on St.

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