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Percy calls the campers to help defend Olympus, as the gods refuse to end their struggle with Typhon.

Just before the battle begins, New York City is affected by a powerful sleeping spell from Morpheus, Hecate, and Kronos himself.

The campers do poorly against the enemy until Silena Beauregard arrives disguised as Ares's head counselor Clarisse and breaks the cabin's boycott of the war.

The real Clarisse arrives in a fury and kills the drakon by herself.

With Apollo's supervision, Rachel safely becomes the new Oracle and speaks the next Great Prophecy.He is approached by Charles Beckendorf, and the two head off to attack The Princess Andromeda.Kronos, hosted in the mortal body of Luke, is not caught off guard because of a spy at Camp Half-Blood, and Beckendorf is killed.The gods grant rewards to several heroes who were instrumental in defeating the Titans, including Thalia, Grover, Annabeth, Tyson, Clarisse, and Nico. Zeus offers him the greatest gift of all time: immortal godhood.Much to the Olympians' shock, Percy instead asks the gods to swear on the River Styx that they will claim all demigods by the time they turn thirteen, have cabins and thrones built for all the minor gods and Hades, and give amnesty to innocent Titans and their former allies.

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