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We'll still sing 'The Right Stuff' louder than any other song at the concert, but we like to hear the new songs just to mix it up," he said.

Wahlberg says it's important to connect personally with fans, so it's not uncommon to see him signing autographs and posing for photos.

In the real world, Wahlberg is vocal about his own political views.

In February, he endorsed Marco Rubio, saying it was the first time he ever voted for a Republican presidential candidate. I think I'm like many voters nowadays," Wahlbeg said.

This is just like the old-school traditional family and you know, they still exist. When it comes to his own character, Wahlberg says viewers can expect to see some changes soon -- Danny is getting a new boss."Danny has had a long relationship with his boss, Sgt. "There's going to be a new sheriff in town and Danny's going to have to answer to the head of his squad room the way he hasn't had to before and I think it's going to cause a lot of fireworks and really challenge Danny.

Even though he's [Danny] not the boss in his squad room, it sometimes seems like he is because his sergeant is lenient with him.

"I think at this point we do music for keeping it fresh for us and the fans...

For us, when get a little restless performing the same songs every night for a couple of years, we sort of get antsy to make a new album just to sort of spice it up...

We're blending families, we're bringing two teenage boys together and we really love each other," Wahlberg said.After taking some time off, the band members reunited in 2008 and have been busy ever since, making new music and touring year after year. I think we've come a long a way in the last six years to maybe alter the perception of the band that a lot of people have. And it's very rewarding to play in sold-out arenas year after year, but I think what's really the best for us is the connection we now have with each other.Earlier this month, the group received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, and soon the guys will be seen in "Rock the Boat," a reality series produced by Wahlberg that chronicles a week-long NKOTB cruise. We enjoy each other's company and we have a lot of laughs," Wahlberg said. The guys in the band -- we really are much closer than we've ever been and we've really matured a lot."NKOTB most recently released a studio album in 2013, and Wahlberg says they'll probably take at least a year off before hitting the studio again.If you come from a big family, you can relate, and if you don't, you can live vicariously through the Reagans," Wahlberg explained."It's a very traditional show -- this one came back in the midst of all these unique family shows and it's become one of the most popular shows on television in real life."In reality, Wahlberg himself comes from a large family with eight siblings.

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