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The monks used their dream world in an extraordinarily profound way - to study the depths of human consciousness and use it as a path to enlightenment.

The art form can be learned to this day via works such as ).

In the 1970s, Hobson and Mc Carley did an experiment that suggested the origins of dreams are merely random electrical impulses firing from the brain stem.

The researchers managed to track dreamer's brainwave activity using an EEG machine, and create a predictable mathematical model for this physiological process.

While ancient dream theories were mostly unscientific in their approach, they reveal our long-held desire to explore the hidden depths of the dreaming mind.

Evidence for this hypothesis is presented in her book, .In our timeline of dream studies, we might ask who discovered lucid dreaming?There is no single person responsible for "discovering" lucid dreaming.After the brain's cortex receives the random energy signals, the dreaming mind tries to make sense of them based on unconscious reasoning - i.e.lessons we have taught it from our experience of waking life.

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