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Please note that this reception is only open to delegates who have booked a ticket.Invitations were sent week beginning 16 April to all DH delegates.Automatic Real-Time Extraction of Primary Care Data to Estimate Vaccine Coverage in England.Michael Edelstein, Tim Crocker Buque, Odette Eugenio, Tim Hopson, Richard Pebody, Mary Ramsay and Joanne White The Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources Initiative: a collaboration to harmonize and standardize Epidemic Intelligence across organizations.Drink Watch: A Mobile Wellbeing Application Based on Interactive and Cooperative Machine Learning.Simon Flutura, Andreas Seiderer, Ilhan Aslan, Raphael Schwarz, Chi-Tai Dang, Dominik Schiller, Elisabeth Andre (University of Augsburg)ML-Based Approach for Early Detection of Sleep Apnea, Treatment Abandonment: A Case Study.Felix Gräßer, Hagen Malberg, Sebastian Zaunseder (Technische Universitat Dresden), Surya Kallumadi (Kansas State University)Learning Image-based Representations for Heart Sound Classification.Zhao Ren, Nicholas Cummins, Vedhas Pandit, Jing Han, Björn Schuller (University of Augsburg), Kun Qian (Technische Universitat Munchen) *There will be a limited number of tickets available for DH delegates to attend the Web Conference drinks reception on Tuesday 24th April.

The lack of a universal classification of disasters also means that recording of health data in disasters is not standardized.

Developing the guidelines to enable data on the indicators to be collected and reported to support the Sendai targets requires engagement with a diverse range of stakeholders.

This panel session will seek to provide strong collaboration and partnership that will be vital to achieving success.ΖΙΚΛ: A New System to Empower Health Workers and Local Communities to Improve Surveillance Protocols by E-Learning and to Forecast Zika Virus in Real Time in Brazil. Beltrán, Andy Boscor, Patty Kostkova (UCL Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction), Wellington Pinheiro Dos Santos (Federal University of Pernambuco), Tiago Massoni (Federal University of Campina Grande)Using Mathematical Modelling to Simulate Chagas Disease Spread by Congenital and Blood Transfusion Routes.

The Sendai Framework also maintains close coordination with other United Nations landmark agreements relevant to health such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

However, the measurement of health-related indicators is challenging.

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When Less is Better: A Summarization Technique that Enhances Clinical Effectiveness of Data.

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