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And if you buy CD3 on the adult site (purple background), it will only be downloadable there.I suggest you use the adult one, it has the full descriptions.The good news is that the new payment system is almost online! Probably best to let her do the work and stop distracting her with floggings. For your enslavement pleasure, I came up with a little song today, recorded it on My phone and here it is. Click here to play the mp3, or right click to download (4.3Mb).With a beautified and upgraded version of the site that included a shopping cart! We're also upgrading security with an SSL certificate, so you girls can feel safe on your shopping sprees with that pretty green tag next to the URL. Remember that there are twelve days of Slavemas, leading to the Epiphany that YOU ARE MINE. Lyrics, voice and mandolin by Mind Mistress On the first day of slavemas, my Mistress gave to me: 1-An all consuming craving to serve 2-Two knees to kneel, 3-Three ways to please, 4-Four French maid dresses, 5-Five shiny nails!No date is set yet for the switch, it’s all pending approval. First there will be a link for you to visit it and perhaps point out some bugs. Every woman who publicly criticizes the lack of a female avatar to play as woman, or wishes there was an option for something other than chainmail bikinis, gets harassed online. Imagine getting hundreds of emails every day saying "We're gonna rape you, kill you, then rape your corpse." Then, your personal address and information gets hacked posted on the internet, and people message you to say they're coming to kill and rape you. Hordes of hateful macho geek boys get their rocks off from doing this to "protect our games from Social Justice Warriors." This makes me very angry. You can buy the controversial DLC here on Steam: It requires Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition also be purchased on Steam: Don't know if your computer can run it? April 6 Addition: ERRATA: I previously said you could buy the base game at 60% off on GOG. Steam won't allow the purchase of the expansion unless the base game is .You can read about the castle staff here: of switching, I’ve been loath to pull the plug on my current website hosting, but it’s becoming necessary. Then we’ll change the first page to point to the new site. And now, there's something we can do about it: Support a game that includes a trans woman by buying it and leaving a positive review on Steam. We are Amazons, and we don't just let the bad guys win because we were too busy doing our nails to bother. To be able to rate it on Steam, it has to be purchased there.Extended Advantage Sessions The reason for two independant user accounts is that the Changework site is entirely independent.It has all the CDs (with therapeutic descriptions) and all the adult sessions, listed as "Extended Advantage" E. So if the adult site gets blacklisted from your internet cafe or workplace as porn, you can still get all the products from the clean and pure Changework site.

No need to go to another site anymore, and the new site is secure for purchases.They’ve been unable to repair the trance request form after an “upgrade” broke it two years ago, forcing you all to send it in by email. ” Mistress: “I hear groveling, but I don’t hear typing. ” I would also like to congratulate Kayla on her recent full transition to the girly side. However, I’ll leave the old site up at the same URLs. Agents for Immediate Deployment The new D&D themed computer game "Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear" is currently being trash-talked and rated 0 out of 5, simply because there is ONE trans woman character in it. If you're concerned about harassment, you post as a male saying something like "I'm a guy and this game doesn't threaten my manhood. They can't very well threaten to rape another guy to prove their manhood, now can they? I know quite a few trans women who have been in Special Forces, do martial arts, or any variety of ass-kicking hobbies. So if you've enjoyed my last few game recommendations, I suggest this one. As of this writing, there are 202 reviews on Steam, 67% of which are negative.But now, client emails are getting bounced back by their server’s aggressive spam filter and they can’t seem to fix it. This is so Google can still find those pages, as well as for those who prefer the older version. Apparently, having a minor character who mentions being trans in an optional conversation completely destroys the manhood of boy gamers, makes them impotent, infertile, and drives them seek sex with men while wearing pink frilly dresses. It's a good game." Because these jerks don't attack other men. Also, most of them are pimply 13 year olds, so they're not going to try beating up a grown man. It won't take that many people to balance out the ratings.The hosting changeover will come in the next few weeks. Well, not exactly new, she’s been slaving away for over a year on that project on the new server. Discovering you, and your website - Hypnotic Wishes - marked a pivotal point in my life. I don't believe that I was lying to myself in doing so, I had been attracted and naturally pulled to girls since I was very young.In theory it should be seamless to you while the DNS server updates to the new page. Kayla: “Mistress, is the new website to your liking? I came from an athletic family that strongly encouraged masculinity. But, as I said, stumbling upon your site introduced me to a whole new world that I would never escape from. My fashion, demeanor, and makeup scream female, while my frame, interest in sports and whiskey suggest masculinity.

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