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That's a total of 4.80 taken where I received nothing but a headache!!!!

Overall, both sites work to help you, the user, find someone that meets your criteria and interests, and set up a way to communicate with that person.e Harmony’s method of assisting you is slightly more guided than’s.

Match is a little more laid back in their organization and guidance.

Users don’t spend quite as much time or money setting up their account and are able to interact with people that e Harmony might not have shown you was a viable option.

I even sent one to a person living nearby & asked that he simply respond with a 'yes' if he received my message. And the fact that they require a 6 month MINIMUM to sign up should have been a major red flag.

I signed up for EHarmony being a single lady looking for a nice guy. So I ended up paying for the subscription anyways cause I signed up for it.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DO NOT SIGN UP WITH EHARMONY. I work on commission and this is really going to hurt. from the Toronto, Ontario area So I met someone through e Harmony and all is good.

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