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In an official press release published on the UP website, Prof.Dalisay admits that the announcement of the results is “taking time, but we’re making doubly sure that the results are accurate and fair.” Good to know there’s now an official timeframe for the UPCAT results!431 BC - 404 BC (Second) Peloponnesian War between the Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta.378 BC - 355 BC (Second) Athenian League, a coalition of Greek city-states, led by Athens, formed to fight the power of Sparta. - Dec 1246 (Latin) Kingdom of Thessalonica (at Salonika). 1987) NSDAP German Military Commander (of 12th Army) - Wilhelm Sigmund List (b. 1971) German Military Commanders of Salonika-Aegean (Saloniki-gis)(in erdzhikov (acting) Mil - Stefan Rachev Klechkov (b. 1945) Non-party British General Officers Commanding III Corps and Commander Land Forces Greece [ - , H. Land Forces and Military Liaison (Greece); from , H. Land Forces (Greece)] - Feb 1946 Sir Ronald Mac Kenzie Scobie (b. Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece is elected in revolt for Continental Greece, then part of the Aegaean province.

Dates for Greek records before 1822 are given according to Old Style (Julian) calendar, and after according to New Style (Gregorian) calendar. 1951) Non-party Logothetpoulos - Ionnis Dimitrou Rllis (b. 1946) Non-party (Tricoupis)(acting to ) - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (1st time) - Ionnis Nikolou Kolttis (s.a.) Lib (Colettis)(1st time) (acting) - kmis Iosf Loudovkos rmansperg (s.a.) Non-party (= Joseph Ludwig Franz Xaver Graf von Armansperg) (chief secretary of state) - Igntios fon Rodchart (b. 1838) Non-party (Ipptis de Roudrt) (= Ignaz von Rudhart) - Vacant - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (2nd time) - Vacant - Andras Ptrou Metaxs (s.a.) Con - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (b. 1783 Patriarch Gavril IV (Gregory IV) establishes a (6th) typikn for Mount Athos reorganizing its central administration. Ottomans suppress pro-Greek independence rebellion in Chalkidike peninsula area and garrison Athos. Battle of Lepanto, Ottomans defeated by the Holy League (incl. 1661 Peloponnese separated from Rumelia (see Bulgaria) as Revolution launched in Mni (Mani) by "Petrobey", Turkish forces soon limited to nine fortresses, Greeks controlling countryside ( OS). 1948) German Plenipotentiaries (in Athens) - Gnther Altenburg (b. Greek independence proclaimed.1307 - 1309 Monasteries are repeatedly sacked by Catalan Company mercenaries. 1568 - 1569 Monks manage to survive empire-wide confiscations of Christian Church property by buying back the confiscated property with help from leaders of Moldavia and Wallachia and moneylenders in Thessalonki. Peloponnesian Senate established in revolt for the whole , in revolt, for Western Greece. Nov 1312 Emperor Andrnikos II Palaiolgos (Andronicus II Palaeologus) issued a chrysobull by which he transferred jurisdiction over the monasteries, including the appointment of the Prtos, to the Ecumenical Patriarchs of Constantinople. Sep 1574 Patriarch Ieremas II (Jeremiah II) approves a new typikn for restoring holy vows and strengthening monasticism. Greece adopts the New Style (Gregorian) Calendar, Mount Athos refuses and continues to use the Old Style (Julian) Calendar. 1860) Sep 1848 - Aug 1849 Egribozlu Ebubekir Sami Pasha (d. 1876) Jan 1856 - Sep 1857 Pepe Mehmed Emin Pasha Sep 1857 - May 1858 zdemiroglu Mehmed Rifat Pasha (d. Constitutional Charter of Holy Mount Athos (Katastatiks Chrtis to . 1688 Kingdom of Morea (Regno della Morea) organized. 1849) Aug 1849 - Jul 1850 Cihan Seraskeri Hasan Riza Pasha Jul 1850 - Nov 1851 Kara Osmanzade Yakub Pasha Nov 1851 - May 1853 Celalatzade (Evrenoszade) Yusuf Siddiq Mehmed Pasha May 1853 - Jul 1853 Gmrkc Mehmed Salih Pasha Aug 1853 - Feb 1854 Ebubekir Rstem Pasha Feb 1854 - Jul 1854 Bosnakzade Mehmed Reshid Pasha (b. 1877) Jul 1854 - Sep 1855 Arnavud Mazhar Osman Pasha Sep 1855 - May 1856 Sirkatibi Mustafa Nuri Pasha (b. 1879) May 1856 - May 1857 Ahmed Nazir Pasha May 1857 - Oct 1857 Abdulkerim Nadir Pasha (b. 1883) Oct 1857 - Sep 1858 Yozgatli Mehmed Vecihi Pasha Nov 1858 - Aug 1859 Mirza/Tatar Mehmed Said Pasha Aug 1859 - Jan 1860 Tepedelenlizade Ismail Rahmi Pasha Jan 1860 - Jan 1865 Arnavud Mehmed Akif Pasha (b. 1893) (1st time) Jan 1865 - Dec 1866 Huseyin Hsn Pasha 1867 Ahmed Ala Bey? 1499) Lords of Arta 1367 1374 Pjetr Losha (= Ptros Losas) (d. 1399) 1400 1401 Sguro Bua Shpata 1401 1415 Muriq Shpata (= Mourkis Sptas) (d. 1416) Walis (governors) of1837 - May 1840 Sirkatibi Mustafa Nuri Pasha May 1840 - Nov 1840 Mirza Tatar Mehmed Said Pasha Nov 1840 - Mar 1844 Osman Nuri Pasha Mar 1844 - Oct 1845 Samakuli Hsrev Pasha Oct 1845 - Feb 1846 Mezanizade Mehmed Ziyaeddin Pasha Feb 1846 - Apr 1847 Mhendis Hafiz Ahmed Pasha Apr 1847 - Mar 1848 erkes Hafiz Mehmed Pasha Mar 1848 - Sep 1848 Ahmed Izzet Pasha Sep 1848 - Feb 1850 Ebubekir Rstem Pasha (1st time) Feb 1850 - Nov 1851 Tepdenlizade Ismail Rahmi Pasha Nov 1851 - Feb 1853 Ali Reza Mehmed Pasha Mar 1853 - Jul 1853 Ebubekir Rstem Pasha (2nd time) Jul 1853 - Feb 1854 Gmrkcu Mehmed Salih Pasha Feb 1854 - Jan 1855 Mehmed Besim Pasha (d. 1859) Jul 1858 - Oct 1858 Hseyin Hsn Pasha (1st time) (d.

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Patriarch Ioakem II (Joachim II) publishes the Regulations of the of Mount Athos. K., Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire) states that the monks of Mount Athos, "of whatever country they may be natives, shall be maintained in their former possessions and advantages, and shall enjoy, without any exception, complete equality of rights and prerogatives" (ratified ).

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