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She and her husband, Lars Gren, live in Massachusetts. Jen also takes listeners through the "Five P's" of Bible study: purpose, perspective, patience, process, and prayer....Listen to the series Mother/daughter team Linda Strode and Catherine Strode Parks encourages couples to be intentional about their marriages, beginning with the wedding.Listen to the series Priscilla Shirer, a wife and mother of three, challenges women to embrace this season of life, whatever that may be, and resist the urge to hurry through today.By doing this and not comparing herself to others, a woman can cultivate a spirit of contentment and not miss out on what God has for her a... Sue Edwards, professors at Dallas Theological Seminary, tell how they came to faith through the friendship and influence of older women. Listen to the series Cancer is no respecter of persons.

Ryan tells how he planned a surprise wedding for Amanda with...Growing up with three brothers, Courtney Reissig believed she could do anything boys could do and tried her hardest to prove it.Saturating herself in feminist theory in college, Courtney felt conflicted.Nancy reflects on her family of origin and how she yearned to be used by God from an early age.Barbara and Nancy address a topic that is rarely discussed in the church—gossip and slander, and open the Scriptures to Titus 2 to see wha...

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Listen to the series Wanted: Women who are willing to listen, love, and mentor younger women. Cancer survivor Vivian Mabuni shares how she first came to faith in Christ as a teen.

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