Emile hirsch dating elisha cuthbert

But no, he's bound by those legalities, and you never know what he said or why he couldn't say it.

The film begins by introducing just how hard it is to be in high school -- a good and difficult thing for adults to remember. Writing is always autobiographical, and yes there's a lot of me and my high school, Staples High School, in Westport, Connecticut...

Where the adults are consistently inept, ignorant, or dishonest, the kids are canny entrepreneurs.

"It really freaks me out when you watch that while you're talking to me," whines Matt, just before he has to hang up. The American Pie-ish adolescent boy jokes run out of steam early, but, as Greenfield points out in his commentary, the film does have something else going on: Matthew is a completely good kid, only yearning to have the awesome experience he imagines his peers are having.Feeling "Under Pressure," as Bowie's song reminds you, protagonist Matthew (Emile Hirsch) is feeling that his high school career has been wasted, nothing but hard work and making deadlines. I went to school with a bunch of jackasses."Greenfield's commentary is consistently energetic and charming, as he proclaims his devotion to U2, and loves his actors (one being his mom: "Look at that! He also insists repeatedly that he wanted to make movie about a kid headed on a "wild ride," a mature movie and not a teen movie (this is made clear by the more explicit sex images in the unrated version, but thematically, it's also refreshingly complex).The DVD includes a subtitle trivia track that complements his own observations, and, on the disc's flipside, several Hirsch and costar Elisha Cuthbert offering their own comments for selected scenes; "The Eli Experience," where Chris Marquette goes to the AVN Awards in character; a vague making-of featurette called "A Look Next Door"; some extra footage and outtakes, as well as 16 deleted and extended scenes, with Greenfield's commentary.Matthew watches her unpack her curvy little Volkswagen convertible, then calls his best friend Eli (Chris Marquette).(As she sways into Matthew's life and line of vision, the soundtrack plays Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon": "Your lips a magic world, / Your sky all hung with jewels").

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(It's not his fault though; he's only following the advice of his porn-instructed friend Eli, who advises him to "tap that ass" in a skanky motel).

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