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So be prepared to wait an extra half an hour on dates while your mate finishes the presentation or try to take in stride a couple of canceled holidays as a result of professional commitments.

However with an ENTJ partner you can also be sure that he/she partner will more than make up for the lapses with perhaps a luxurious vacation or an exclusive gift.

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So instead of feeling put down by your ENTJ partner’s way of speaking at times, try to look at the bright side – they are one of the few people who can be counted on both to change a light fuse as well as to instinctively understand what has upset you.

Encourage them to open up ENTJs, despite their social and intuitive natures are known to have difficulty in expressing their own emotions and feelings.

Once you are able to realize the value of their powers of evaluation and organization in sustaining a relationship, you will eventually feel more accommodating of their forceful natures.

The aspect of ENTJs which prevents them from being merely a hard taskmaster is their Intuitive nature.

They are not only capable of putting in long hours at work but actually like to work hard in order to prove themselves.So you may be unnerved every now and then by a blunt remark on your appearance or a sharp criticism of the way you have decorated the house or the shirt you have bought on a sale.However remember that their way of communicating is an expression of their keen incisive minds which brooks no duplicity and is impatient of incompetence.On a rainy evening on the other hand, bring out a competitive board game like Scrabble or set each other intricate jigsaw puzzles to complete.Since ENTJs are so focused on their careers, they are likely to have few interests outside their work and hence are drawn to leisure activities which also help to further their professional growth.

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Allow for their forceful natures ENTJs often have a very direct and forceful way of communicating and to those who don’t know them very well, they might appear brusque and even confrontational at times.

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