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You can proceed with the commit to switchover operation.Apply services cannot apply unsupported DML statements, DDL statements, and Oracle supplied packages to a logical standby database running SQL Apply.At this point the target standby is in a state identical to that it was in before the commit to switchover command was issued.You do not need to take any further corrective action.However, if the switchover is unsuccessful, the following sections may help you to resolve the problem: view to see if the last redo data transmitted from the original primary database was applied on the standby database.If the last redo data was not transmitted to the standby database, you can manually copy the archived redo log file containing the redo data from the original primary database to the old standby database and register it with the SQL view.An example of this might be when available space is exhausted.(Do not let the primary and logical standby databases diverge when skipping DDL transactions.

Although committing to a switchover involves a single SQL statement, internally a number of operations are performed.

This might happen because some environment or initialization parameters were not properly set after the switchover.

Action: For physical standby databases in situations where an error occurred and it is not possible to continue with the switchover, it might still be possible to revert the new physical standby database back to the primary role by using the following steps.

If the underlying file structure is the same on both databases, then the DDL executes on the standby database as expected.

If an error was caused by a DDL transaction containing a file specification that did not match in the logical standby database environment, perform the following steps to fix the problem: In some situations, the problem that caused the transaction to fail can be corrected and SQL Apply restarted without skipping the transaction.

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