Error validating users agent

Discover why client windows from starting to try and update and getting the error: --- 017-07-20 :335 780 c94 Misc =========== Logging initialized (build: 7.9.9600.18696, tz: 0100) =========== 2017-07-20 :335 780 c94 Misc = Process: C:\Windows\system3217-07-20 :335 780 c94 Service ************* 2017-07-20 :335 780 c94 Service ** START ** Service: Service startup 2017-07-20 :335 780 c94 Service ********* 2017-07-20 :354 780 c94 Idle Tmr Non-Ao Ac machine. 2017-07-20 :354 780 c94 Agent * WU client version 7.9.9600.18696 2017-07-20 :354 780 c94 Agent WARNING: Sleep Study Tracker: Machine is non-AOAC. 2017-07-20 :354 780 c94 Agent * Base directory: C:\Windows\Software Distribution 2017-07-20 :354 780 c94 Agent * Access type: No proxy 2017-07-20 :354 780 c94 Service Update Network State Ipv6, c Network Interfaces = 1.

She'll teach 12 steps that you can use to optimize your queries as much as possible and see measurable results in your work. Environment: Veeam Virtual machine on a Server connected to a SAS SAN Exchange Virtual Machine resides on another server local storage no connected to the SAN Veeam backs up another virtual machine on the same server as the Exchange Virtual machine successfully. Hi Both VMsbackup, the failed and the success, resides on the same Datastore? Where you have more than one VM, and some you can backup, and that VM Exchange you cannot? Jail Correct, both failed and success are on the same Datastore. Domain admin, V5.0.1.198 Hi Yes I have many Veeam backup Exchange VM without any issues.

Regards, ~coolsport00 In this FREE six-day email course, you'll learn from Janis Griffin, Database Performance Evangelist.

Have you changed your admin pwd recently in your environment? You should have a SSH acct, then elevate to root in your b/u job.

Million Registration is a only user name that is not the same as your IBM developer Works encounter name.

Hi windows 2008 Server NB Netbackup Master Server Windows 2012 Server R2 Hyper V Clients NB Host name entry on Master server of all 3 vms include in Hyper V Already added Now when making policy and adding in Client list it is giving this error error Validating Hyper v Machine name Server failed to list VM's (-1) So how will i resolve this error?

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