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There are, of course, many of us who 2012 saw some ads that will certainly be remembered for months to come: Volkswagon's "The Dog Strikes Back," M&M's "Just My Shell," H&M's "David Beckham Bodywear," Best Buy's "Phone Invaders." Lucky for you, you can have a second shot at watching the buzzed ads right here. Which ads did you think were most successful this year?Which brands wasted their money on the year's most expensive commercial slots?

Last night, an excellent football game was scaffolded by a pretty fascinating illustration of just how bizarre "bipartisan capitalism" can look in this new America. The grim gamble was that the only icons both sides would accept were dead.

How did we get to these strange corporate contortions, these confused nods to multiple perspectives that flail in search of a market?

Well, companies are feeling shy in the wake of the boycott wars of 2017.

T-Mobile's ad should have been a straightforward defense of multiculturalism — it featured adorable babies of all races and described a better world that would give them all equal opportunity.

But if you listened closely to the lullaby, you recognized Nirvana's "All Apologies," the Kurt Cobain song featuring lyrics like "everything is my fault / I'll take all the blame" and "choking on the ashes of her enemy." The ode to human potential pairs oddly with suicidal .

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One way Corporate America haplessly straddled the divide between right and left was by scuttling logic. It looks like they're about to be strip-searched or profiled or questioned.

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