Everything i know about dating i learned from surfing

Our current model of education is not only outdated; it’s not particularly effective.

In a world where access to knowledge and information is ubiquitous, the value of memorizing information to regurgitate it, pass tests and get good grades quickly becomes far less valuable.

Burritos are our mothers, brothers, sisters, and best friends, and this goes for 5. And if you give us shit for using the word hella, we're gonna hella walk right out of your life. You might buy a bikini for vacation but we buy them because it's Tuesday and we can wear it as a top. Northern California hates Southern California but Southern California DGAF about Northern California and actually thinks it's rather lovely.

(Just don't forget a jacket, mittens, a scarf, and your wooliest hat.) (And maybe some rain boots, depending on the fog situation.) 2. When I moved from California to NYC for college, the coffee cart guy told me to "go away" after I said, "Have a nice day! " to a woman in Washington Square Park and she responded with, "What do you want? " because I'm from California and that's what we do. We love burritos and will eat them for every meal if given the chance. We own more bathing suits than is necessary or healthy.

If the purpose of education is to turn us into fully functional, happy and healthy adults, it is failing on numerous levels.

When I started writing this article I asked my community on Facebook what they thought you should have learned in school but never did, not only did I get more responses to a question than I’ve ever received, three themes kept emerging.

As long as we continue to seek our self-worth through something external, it will always fluctuate.We have an ongoing joke at the Unmistakable Creative that my guest choices are usually a reflection of some problem that I’ve been trying to solve in my life.Fortunately for me, it seems like most of our listeners are interested in those same issues.With my 40th birthday around the corner, I felt this immense pressure to meet someone.But in the process, I had handed over my self-esteem to something else external, approval of the opposite sex.

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