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And believe me, those thoughts are really romantic to her. There are only two major avenues of communication to work on–and you’re using one of the channels most of my masculine students already have on their side: .

But unless you two are in a relationship, or she has already decided she wants to sleep with you, they are a turn-off for her. If you’re a guy who likes to take action without thinking too hard about it, words may not be your strong suit (though for some they certainly are).

Because once you know how to master this skill, you’ll be able to sleep with a lot more women, a Think about it–when a woman answers her phone, she is not distracted by 100 little things that occupy her attention when she is on video chat.

When a woman can see herself on the screen, she can be distracted by how she looks: In person, you can manage her concerns with your responses.

When you can see her on video–her body, her beautiful lips, her amazing eyes, her long, lustrous hair–all of the things that normally intimidate you are there in your face again.

So in that case, go ahead and use video chat all you want.

But if you’re the kind of guy who likes to think before he speaks, talking on the phone is often a great bridge to communicate with her without overanalyzing too much.

This is true of most women as well: In person, she wants action. The surprising reason video chatting is not more powerful than talking on the phone is this: Phone-related technology has improved to the point where you can hear everything, and, as I discussed in my last article, you hear it in real time.

(Plus, with the marked exception of meeting someone while traveling–even in an airport or on the plane–it’s rare for the two scenarios I described above to be valid for your situation.) Otherwise–especially early on in a relationship–seeing her on video only gives insight into your emotional distance.

This is why it’s best, in most cases, to text and call.

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