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The sport began to decline in Europe and the United States in the 1920s.

After World War I, interest in target rifle shooting grew rapidly with shooting clubs and associations numbering in the thousands.

In 1897 the Imperial Society of Reglemented Hunting published rules for rifle-shooting competitions, and in the next year held two tournaments with more than 200 shooters in the second.

In 1899 the recently formed Southern Russian Shooting Society offered gold and silver award badges in two categories to successful sharpshooters.

The first All-Russian Championship shooting competition was held at Kiev in 1913 and a second at Riga in 1914.

In the 1890s several shooting societies were formed: the Russian Athletic Society, with a shooting range on club property; the St. Petersburg Society of Salon Shooting; and the Riga Shooting Society.The earliest recorded shooting match is one held in Eichstäat, Bavaria, in 1477; the shooters, probably using matchlocks, competed at 200 metres (220 yards).A Swiss painting from 1504 shows a rifle shooting setup that is quite modern.Of Germanic–Swiss origin, the shooting called Schuetzen was practiced for centuries practically unchanged throughout much of central Europe, and by the 1880s it had become predominantly popular.It was done in the standing, or offhand, position at targets from 90 or 180 metres (98.4 or 196.8 yards) outdoors, and at 23 metres (25.1 yards) indoors.

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