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There is a lot of frustration in our line of work and a lot of sad moments that even seasoned cops like myself just have to shed tears for. Others turn to alcohol etc to try to drown out the horrors they see every day.Suicide is high amongst cops in most major cities across North America because sometimes we just can't handle it anymore.

Police and firefighters have a brotherhood and respect each other and the work we do.So no, I don't go crying about them doing what they are paid for.The only real heros we have left are paramedics and firemen if you ask I am one of those fellows to has dedicated my life to making the streets of this city safer for the good folks.Where I live the cops are too lazy and corrupt to have any kind of respect for them.Had to go to the Chief and TELL him to tell his boys to clean up their act. And after he ran a check on me he was full of apologies etc)Also, I keep in mind the fact that they SIGNED ON FOR THE JOB and have their guns to protect them.

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