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When we talk of internet chat there are three types of chat available. Instant messaging is one of the known ways of chatting.

Instant messaging is said to be between two people but there is an option of group chat where three or more people can chat at a time.

(Shameless plug – if you need to do some server monitoring, check out his project, it’s AWESOME).

The concept is – instead of using separate keys with ezxpire times – use Redis’ sorted sets with scores of the times in UNIX format and the member being a JSON encoded string.

The list was this: I wanted to build a chat client that would have messages that disappear after a certain time, much like Snap Chat.The introduction of chatting has made our lives simpler.You are saved of getting your phones recharged and spending extra on it, you only require an internet connection which nowadays come with a good savings plan.Users can join existing channels, or create their own. At first, I wanted to create messages some how and have them each have times.After failing miserably, I got the amazing chance to pair up with Michael Gorsuch to give me some alternative ideas.

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