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If you are willing to explore his fascination, there are plenty of ways to use it to the advantage of your sex life.

The current lady in my life enjoys teasing me with her knowledge of my love for her feet.

I can say from experience that you're more likely to date a guy who has some interest in your feet than you might think, so here are a few tips for telling if you're dating a man with a foot fetish and how you should handle it.

Even early in the relationship, before sex is involved, there can be signs of a potential foot lover.1.

(That's the media for you.) And apparently, there really are guys who subscribe to websites like Footsie Babes and attend local "foot parties."But like any other sexual passion, there are many levels of enthusiasm, and those guys are the extreme.

The practicality of the act de-sexualizes the body part.

If you're still wondering how a man could be so entranced by such a smelly part of your body, few of us are.

When she's in the mood, she runs her feet up and down my legs, ensuring that I'm "ready" to satisfy her within moments.

If you're looking for a spontaneous session of lovemaking, put your freshly painted toes in his face and ask him if he likes that color of polish.

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Although it seems like the obvious thing to do, refrain from constantly asking your guy for foot rubs.

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