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Although this view appears to be mistaken, it does raise the question of how Piaget and Vygotsky conceive of the nature of the social in relation to the individual.

The issue of individualism versus holism, and Piaget’s alternative of relationalism, are discussed, as well as Vygotsky’s much less clearly articulated views of the nature of the social, and it is concluded that these views seem very similar to Piaget’s.

As he said in Principles of Behavior, “It is believed that a clear formulation, even if later found incorrect, will ultimately lead more quickly and easily to a correct formulation than will a pussyfooting statement which might be more difficult to convict of falsity” (1943, p. Hull was uncompromising in his expectation of speed, effort, and punctuality from his associates and intolerant of slipshod thinking by his students.

He was generous both with per sonal attention and professional credit to all who worked with him.

Although Hull’s theory contained some ambiguities and inconsistencies, it set a challenging level of explicitness that contributed in an important way to the developing image of psychology as a science. Darwin had proposed the principle of natural selection that formed a rationale for much of Hull’s theory.

Hull’s early scientific activities are noteworthy in themselves.

Hull moved to the Institute of Human Relations at Yale University in 1929 and there, at the age of 45, started to formalize a mechanistic theory of behavior.

He was to make his major contribution to psychology in this area.

Three years later a more general and readable statement of the fundamental principles appeared in Hull’s third and most influential major work, Principles of Behavior (1943).

Another nine years passed be fore Hull’s A Behavior System (1952a) described selected examples of more complex individual be havior in terms of his theoretical principles.

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