Fractionation and dating

The fact that many guys try to learn how to pick up girls from those so-called “Pickup Artists” (PUAs) really amuse me to no end. Well, for one, I know for a fact that these “Pickup Artist” tricks are pretty darn useless.

Out of frustration, I wrote a long post on a popular “Pickup Artist” forum about quitting dating and resign myself to the fact that I was going to live a lonely life forever. (Rejections happen when the female brain turns “COLD”.) On the other hand, by keeping her in “HOT” mode continuously, she’ll continue to be overrun by her emotions while the rational part of the brain switches off completely. Whenever the female brain sees something which is unusual (in an interesting way), it becomes engaged in the “HOT” state.

For example, inside the Shogun Method there are two delivery techniques which would take any Intrigue Story to the next level.

These are , it will need this storytelling device known as the “Sub Plot.” Simply put, these are minor stories which are related to the “main plot” of the Intrigue Story. from the TV shows and movies we watch and the novels we read. To create Sub Plots, here’s what you do: break her sentences down in order to create new conversational topics.

Before anything, though, I’ve gotta be entirely honest with you… Instead, you will uncover some deep insights on female psychology and understand how to exploit a woman’s weaknesses to make her fall in love with you. once you’re done reading, you’ll be amazed at how As you continue to read further, you’ll understand exactly why this guide is somewhat long-ish. but for now, understand that it’s absolutely crucial for you to read the entire guide in sequence (or it won’t make much sense to you.) OK? And if you’ve tried to use any of those “Pickup Artist” tricks, you would have realized that they are as bogus as a prince from Nigeria seeking to move his billions into your bank account.

Now if the barrage of (mis)information and conflicting advice has left you confused, jaded and discouraged, then works, minus the usual bull crap. Completely devoid of any social skills whatsoever, life was tough… I was quiet, reserved, and seemed to be content doing my own thing at my little corner.

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In fact, it became (The worst thing that happened to me was when a girl poured a Martini over my head for some lame pickup line I tried to use on her. The Shogun Method way is to work covertly in the background, appearing as harmless as possible, while planting ideas in her mind that reconciliation is what she really wants.

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