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Once I started the capstone portion of the program the mentor and committee members provided poor feedback, and it was not until I hired an outside source to read my intended capstone proposal did I learned that the inexperienced, poor faculty at Capella University had not realized that I wrote a research project and not the specific required project per the capstone expectations.One particular instructor gives the worse directions that the school's higher level reviewers find inappropriate, then she tries to clean her azz by saying the site needed the changes (she is a pathetic, compulsive liar).This year I applied for an online teaching position with Capella, titled Education, Postsecondary Adult Education. This is a shameful practice and one I have come to expect from Capella University. J The actual academic portion of the DNP program was engaging and effective in teaching students, however it was poorly organized, and the steps in the program were poorly explained.Most of the time the instructors themselves do not know how to explain the programs expectations.Then the academic advisor, who is supposed to be your support, and who initially sold you the program to get you to join tells you the capstone will only take 5 quarters to oomplete, but once you complain about the mentors poor practices changes the story and says completion of the capstone depends on the student, when clearly it is NOT dependent on the students at all but on the lazy instructors who are there getting paid to do absolutely nothing, but get into altercations with students when they are held accountable for not providing timely/helpful feedback.They are making easy money working from home to play the role of a "Mentor" when they now nothing about mentoring DNP students, or the steps needed to facilitate the steps to completion of the program for the students. They misguide the customers (students), change program guidelines and apply it to all students just to make you stay there longer!!!!!!! program, you would better understand how unfounded is your confidence in Capella.All of you who are giving positive reviews of this institution and the type of degree it is conferring, do not understand comparatively what you could have received. You will not be hired at my university unless education has just fallen apart (which I believe is close).I graduated with my Ph D in General Psychology in 2015 and had an excellent experience.

Chaplain Perry Mc Clinton School: School of Nursing & Health Sciences Program: Doctor of Public Health Specialization: Epidemiology The classes are either so easy it's stealing an easy A or so hard that I spent way too much time and money completing a class.The work load I experienced was far greater than that of the other college I had attended. It was an arduous process with little support provided.Here's what you need to know about Capella University: I worked on my Ph. Once I completed it, there was NO career support provided, NONE.The education was very engaging and allowed high connectivity with other learners and instructors.I still stay in touch with many of my school colleagues and my dissertation mentors.

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As well, I felt my education was superb, especially in light of having colleagues in other institutions! The exposure to scholar/practitioner world through my DBA program has opened my eyes to many opportunities I never thought were possible.

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