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in nursing pract;ice by ptovj^ding sufficient ^taff , by discharging appropriate nur5ih| functiofis^* an4 ^y evaluating nufslng plan ^ -^Ifbt care; (4) th4t locai heait1[i-(;ar^' facilities adopt continuing edueation programs and flexible emp Xoynent policies; (5)^ that insri^j^ions tor nursing education provide' iic^o^ed practical* nurses tered iic CTtture; and (6) that all state' licensure laws for nurs- ling be revi Sldvto require jreriodic review of the individual's qualifications /5a ^^ccndit ion for licensure renewal. It iras felt that tht S guld« would also help agency .officials to understand Jt he tylpe" and -quality of clinical facili- ties that cai Ei best serve student needs. medj^cal students is that^., Xl My need not Insist on a particular type of hospital training for clerkships. ' "The Training of Undergi Wat es \n the Publi£ Health Approach J' Public Health , 79 (May, 136^), 198-207. Villard writes authorita-^ tiyely on the subject of the challenge to medical schools Co' de- '^elcp coivmnity health programs, as he was one of the founders of the Departme\it of Community Medicine at the University of Kentucky Me4Jcal t:ollege. The theae of the Institute as it expressed by the editors was that: "the conpl Ax, interrelated objectives of medical schools aiid-teaxihing hospitals «U8t be understood; careful plans must be made for pro- ceeding towards specified goals; and provision' mia X be* made for evaluating progress." Articles presented in the Institute which are of particular inter- -est included: A.' J. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health O^anization, 1^67, 36 pp.

Thee^ will necessarily include: (1) coprdijiatlog the pl^feseional nurse's role with the several 41ffe rent types of nursing practitioners^X2th^-bedi3l Tle nurses and nursing practice leadership, (J) blending the excess of required technical knowledge with a better comprehen- si OB of basic principles, (4) striking a balance between the spe- cialisation and Gestalt approaches^ (5)(^promotlng the development of new technologies along side the traditional, and (6) developing learning fei^eriences and teaching curriculums to encompass the new nursing roles ixe-^e community setting. initiated In 19*73 at the American Asseclatfon of Community and Junior Colleges to determine ways and m6an& to . make primary and ambulatory care accessible to all Americans.^ The ,^taff recognized t Kat effective planning would have to- take, place- " at all levels of governmental agencies, further, facilities and manpower must be developed atf the community level, and this could be achieved partly through development of the existing connminity and juaior college programsi The study recognizes "t He need to * begin by identifying the^xisting\ potential in the United States' allied_health and nursing educational system, and by providing colleges already in that system^wi^ accurate information and the technical assistance necessarytpoi? The book describes the' entire study p roj ect and makes recommendations for mounting the sequence of steps to a jaationwide collaborative effort. "The Need for Effective Selection of Personnel in Physical Therapy Departments." Physical Therapy . • " ~- i The author reports results of a pilot study which was carried out to discover from* physical therapy personnel (working at three dif- *ferent levels of job. The book consists of four lectures by different Authors. tdicate agreement or disagreement of varying degree. ■Thts a comprehensive guide to ^oint planning between the college of nursing and the outside health agencies wi'th which the -college 'arranges for/stud^nt nurses* * laboratory ;;experf;€'H^eto their role in public service and community action and the public'^ decision to^ estab lish health as a major 'social goal. /There is only one medical schobl to serve all four states, the one at the University of Wash- ington in Seattle (though some students take part of their basicy science requirements at a local university). regular third-year clerkship rotationll* Stu- dents* progress In the program was evaluated at regular intervals 31 46 by a variety of devices, including the students' own written cri- tiques of tbe'prograa and two evaluations l(i wfiich the students - were measured agalns U^ cotltrol ^roup in the regular curriculum. C: The \ 20 Science and Uealth^ommunlcatlons Group, 1972, 329 pp. " British Journal pf Medical Education , 8 .(March, 1974), 13-16^ , '* This stuxiy^ re^^es to the ii(creasing pressure^for changes in the ^Hvery of medical care ^d how dottrors' attitudes will affect the success of any changes. • » This comprehensive source book* deals vrith health manpower resources and the Federal government's role In Insuring adequate number's of he^th professionals. "Trends in Nursing Education," Annals of the New y York Academy of Sciences 166 (December 31, 1969), 10A5-49- ^ The author discusses briefly the trends in modem health care which u have brought about the "complex and sophisticated armamentarium of \ equipment, facilities and health personnel constituting one of the major capital outlay items in the national budget (third highest)/' In nursing, as in other health professions, ^his fast-changing scene detnande new levels of aophlsticatioil and techniques. In an ef;fort to determine how physicians may be more favorably influence^ toward ^change the authors consider when and how their attitudes ^bward change are formed. - 284 Lindsey, Kargaret - 285,- 286 Line, Jennifer - 287 Linker Charles A. radiological technology which has been estab'lishjgd in Denver Colorado , hy the Commuaity, College of pen vex, the J^olversity of* Cblor^di-Si Ji Dbl 6% Medicine, and our tee'n " Denver hpspital^s with facilities for diagnostic radi- 'ology, radiatlart therapy, or nuclear medicine. / This arti He deals with the- broad subject of health care delivery, e Jtplorlng the major aspects af its -Implications for allied health educators, the* author organized three "i^ubject areas Which demand attention: designing the system for delivery o f he alth care; de- termining th^ roles of the health personnel to provide power; and formulating the progxams' which will work effectively to train health teams to deliver— tap rov e d c are. Holley, Lydia '*A Component of Physical Therapy Education." Physical Therapy . The one major area which the author believes incorporates both of these concepts', and is the final consideration in surveying ERIC 14 the; pub life health ^conteot In' physical therapy curriculums, involves the broad consideration of medical Card today and the trends' ' in medical pare fpr. major teaching affilia- tion with a medlca L-s^hit Kil'obtaln interns of significantly higher caliber ^aad that interns in affiliated hospitals score significantly higher on Part III ttian Interns in non-affiliated hospitals. They concentrate On the unwill- in^ess of ed^catioaa V^jo^i^utions commit aily more -of tifieir , \ ^ uadergraduatfr-prog^^wr to ocoupational orientation than is absoliite- ly necessary, t^vife^ hospitals Weem equally unwilling to recognise y the need torjo^orte sophisticatea background on the part of many of \ their emple^es. "Arrangements Between an Institution of Higher Education and Agemiies Which Provide Learning Laborartories for Nursing Education." New Xork^^ National plague for Nursing, 1973, . "The purpose -of this study is to help identify the utilization ^d projected utilization of clinical facilities by nursing students as settings in which theqe student's obtain their clinical experience." 74. The purpose of the 'study was to measure the effect of the setting on the ^students. ' * **M^rcal School- Reaching Hcu^pil^al Relations." Report of the Second Administrstive Institute of the Association, of. Journal of Medical Education , 40 (November, 1965), * • Part 2,- 254 pp. The program,, vrhicli involves coortiiriatedi classroom and clinical training for students who are working for ^n associate degree in *radiotechnology , "was designed ^o help ease' the ) hospitals * increasing 'iii'abllities to provide' adequat^ training for r^diru lugl cal technologists as well as fulfill the rtation,*s current ineed' for more we44^'trained tech- nologists. program to selected comfnunities and other ateas of specialization together with the proposed developm'fent of^ a '^career ladder approach" in which students may discontinue education anywhere along the "career ladder" and resume it without penalty. After identifying problems in this area, the author J? W for Clinical di^se rt at ion , » Through a review of th^^ft^erature ^n analysis of a questionnaire which surveyed educational adninistrators, and opmfons developed at a workshop sponsored by super\'isors and clinical faculty at the University of North Carolina Division of Physical Therapy, Dr. London: World Conf edec At ion for Phv- This paper is a report bf a follpy-iip ^tudy op the experiences of clinical and university educatori in physical therapy from 1970 to 1973 in developing written agreements with clinical centers. V , ' * The authors, who urge public health content in curriculum for p|iy«- sical therapy students 4^scribe the program designed for student • physical therapists at The University of North Carolina at Chapel , Hill. The University of the State of New York, The, State Educatiotv De- partment. ' The settings included imiversity/ OQuxtty and private hospitals, where the clerkships differed significantly in the numbj^r^ and type of patients seen, the proportion of tiwe \ ' spent in various departneats and tlie number, of lectures and ^ \ rounds scheduled*. * ' ' Wecbsler describes the social changes underlying the spiraling 4^i Band for nationwide quality dental care and adequate dental nan- 9^oyer. "The Development of Medical School as a Con- munity Resource."' American Journal of Pxtblic Health , 54 (July, 196A), 1041-48. * , In t^is 1964 AXMQ.^Institute , teaching hospital administrators and medical school deans o^t together "on an equal basis" in order to discuss relationships between isedical schools and teaching hospi- 33 42 Ul».

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