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Of course, we won't really know what the next i Phone will look like until Apple itself shows us.

If you'd like to watch Phone Dog Live, we broadcast every Friday at 5 p.m. You can watch it directly from Ustream or from our Facebook page.

I've accepted an answer, but sadly, I believe we're stuck with our original worst case scenario: CAPTCHA everyone on purchase attempts of the crap.

Short explanation: caching / web farms make it impossible to track hits, and any workaround (sending a non-cached web-beacon, writing to a unified table, etc.) slows the site down worse than the bots would.

There's talk that T-Mobile will ship their version of the Galaxy S II with a Qualcomm processor rather than the Exynos processor that the AT&T and Sprint versions use which may be the reason why bloggers were not allowed any hands-on time with T-Mobile's device at the show.

The bigger question that everyone is wondering about is Why did Verizon choose to not offer the Galaxy S II?

New leaked cases and an icon give us a rough idea of what the next i Phone may look like.Could it be due to the fact that it would mean too much device competition?Verizon already has three high-end Android smartphones coming down the line, adding a fourth may be too much for costumers to handle and would mean that the marketing budget would be stretched too thin.The Titan offers the most improvements with its 1.5 GHz processor and giant 4.7-inch display.With phones featuring a dual-core processor already on the market or coming within a few months, even a 1.5 GHz CPU may not impress some consumers.

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The are certain scenarios where the Galaxy Note could be useful, but I don't feel that manufactures should design a product and then come up with way to use it.

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